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My Grandmother is 91 and has quilted and croched many afghans and quilts. Several years ago she started to teach me. I love listening to her tell stories about her many creations – the inspiration for the colors, where she got the fabric, and how she decided on the pattern. I was afraid all this history would be lost when she was no longer able to share.

So a few birthdays ago, I bought her this Quilt Journal. I took a picture of all her quilts and afghans that I could find. I even emailed and called family and friends and requested pictures of the ones they had.

Together, Grandma and I were able to fill more than 50 pages with memories! That is a treasure that I hope to one day inherit!

You can buy the Quilt Journal here from Amazon or pick up a pretty notebook/journal from your local store.

(I just checked and the green one I gave Grandma is no longer available from Amazon but here’s another Quilt Journal: Crystal Steps.

What a great idea for that Quilter/Crafter on your Christmas list! It’s never too early to start shopping!

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***When I visited my Grandma a few weeks ago, she was showing me her latest afghan she’s working on. She’s only 92 years old. I guess it’s never too old to pursue your hobby!

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