Getting Your Ears Pierced

My daughter has been wanting to get her ears pierced for several months. She decided it would be great thing to do for her 8th birthday. So with excitement building and her nerves tingling, we headed to Claires to get her ears pierced. She has several friends that have been thinking about getting their ears pierced but are a bit nervous. So like any good blogger/mom, I deicded to share the epxerience with you.

Getting Your Ears Pierced

There is no appointment needed to get your ears pierced at Claires. You simply show up, sign a few papers stating that you are the legal guardian and give permission to have the process done.

getting your ears pierced

The actual piercing is free, but you have to buy the starter set of earrings. The starter earrings begin at $19.50 for the basic 24 karat gold plated stars, 3 mm stainless steel or titanium balls. My daughter chose the stars. With the purchase of the earrings, you receive the full size cleaning solution for FREE (regularly priced at $8.00). Total cost for getting your ears pierced was $21.00.

getting your ears pierced

The employees clean the ear with a solution, mark the piercing spots with a purple marker then do the piercing. My daughter was really nervous about the process. Actually she was scared silly. I think it was actually harder waiting for the piercing, than the actual pain of the event. They did one ear at a time but it was a quick process. When I asked her what the pain level was, she said it jumped pretty high for a split second but then dropped down to just a big sting. Her words were that it was as bad as being stung by a bee but the pain didn’t last really long.

Her ears were a bit red for several hours after the piercing.

Getting her ears pierced was such a proud moment for my daughter. She couldn’t wait to see her Dad and brothers come down the mall so she could show off her new earrings. Even the boys were impressed and proud of their sister!

Care after the piercing

The earrings have to be cleaned with the solution at least twice a day and turned multiple times a day as well. The first few times I took care of this for her. But after a few days, she was able to twist the earrings herself and even cleaned them with no help.

My daughter was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to sleep with the new earrings in. But she had no problem. I did give her some Tylenol the first night to help with the initial discomfort and stinging.

Waiting period

She will need to wait at least 6 weeks before removing the earrings and using any other sets. That means by New Years she will be able to wear some new earrings.

Have you taken your daughter to get ears pierced? Any tips for those who are thinking about it? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I took my daughters, ages 6 and 8 back in August. They have done a good job of caring for them but I periodically check and clean them. One daughters skin still wants to close on the earring, but is getting better.

  2. When my brother was 8 he also decided he wanted to get his ear pierced (just one)! He was such trooper and didn’t say a word! It’s over in a second and it looks so cool on him!

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