Getting the Fall Garden Ready

Summer may be wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean the gardening season is over. This past week, I’ve been spending time out in the garden getting some things planted in hopes of having some more produce ready to put back for winter before the first frost hits. Here is what I’m doing to get my fall garden ready.

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Getting the Fall Garden Ready

Some people are pros at planting a fall garden but I’m pretty new to the game. I know there are some plants that embrace the cooloer temperatures and will do well so I am getting things started. If it doesn’t work as well as I hope, then I will have learned some things for next year.

Check your first frost date

The first thing I did was look up my first frost date and calculate how many days I have left in the season before frost. Turns out that our first frost is potentially going to be October 20 in my growing zone so I have about 60 days left. I’m willing to give some seeds a chance and see if I can get something to grow in the next two months.

Pick your Fall Plants

There are some plants that love cooler temperatures so I am planting those. I pulled out some kale, spinach, radishes, broccoli, and carrot seeds and planted them in my garden and in a few containers. I still have beans and okra that are producing so I’m checking those plants every day. I’ve even heard that some plants produce better tasting results when the temperatures aren’t quite as blistering hot.

Water your seeds

Even though the temperatures are starting to slack off, seeds still need water to germinate. Since I wasn’t sure when we would get rain, I pulled out my RinseKit and watered all my seeds.

I don’t have a water hose close to my garden so in the middle of the hot summer, if I need to water my garden, I have to connect multiple hoses and run them all the way around to the backyard. The RinseKit is a much more convenient option and lets me water my new seeds with minimal effort. I just pull it around back in my little red wagon that I have had for 20 years!

Prepare the Greenhouse

If you have been following my gardening journey long, you know that I love my plastic unheated greenhouse. Someday I hope to have a full glassed-in greenhouse but for now, I am utilizing my small greenhouse frame to the fullest. Over the summer, I removed the cover and have been letting beans use the frame and shelves as support. I also have some broccoli that I have planted in pots that I am watching closely each day.

There is just something so satisfying and refreshing about getting mud on my boots, dirt under my nails, and some time outside with God in nature before work and the demands of the day start to pull me in different directions.

What about you? Have you ever planted a fall garden? Do you spend time outside in the morning checking to see what has grown overnight? I’d love to hear what you are planting and doing in your garden this month!

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