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Get Ready for Pirate Fun this Summer!


Ahoy Mate! Whether your kids are young fans of Jake and the Neverland Pirates or a little older and heading to the theater today for the newest release of Pirates of the Caribbean, you are going to love this craft book geared toward pirate fans! If you are looking for some fun ideas to help celebrate the world of pirates with your kids, then you are going to love this book called The Pirate Craft Book! Keep reading to the end to see how 3 readers can WIN a copy for themselves!

Hobbies on a Budget received a copy of this book for the purpose of this post. Amazon affilate links are included in this post.

Get Ready for Pirate Fun this Summer!

The Pirate Craft Book is a great book filled with craft ideas and templates to help you create everything you need for pirate fun this summer. From treasure chests, felt parrots, cakes and costume ideas, you will be ready for crafting fun and pirate memories!

How to make a Cutlass

You can easily make a cutlass out of a piece of cardboard and duct tape. We decided this was a quick fun project to create to get us ready for a pirate-filled weekend.

Simply draw the shape on a piece of cardboard and cut with a craft knife.

Craft your own pirate cultass

Then cover the cardboard with duct tape to give it the traditional silver color.

Duct Tape to Create your cutlass

Craft Pirate Hair from Yarn

Captain Jacks' har wig

One year my son wanted to be Captain Jack for Halloween. We made a super simple yarn wig to give him the perfect pirate hair!

Click here to see how to make a simple yarn wig!

About the Book

Entertaining your little buccaneers be a treacherous job – Arrr! Hot on the heels of The Knight Craft Book and The Princess Craft Book comes The Pirate Craft Book by Laura Minter and Tia Williams, the award-winning Little Button Diaries bloggers.

These pages are packed to the gunnels with a whole heap of crafts to allow you to create everything your little pirate needs. Containing 15 fantastic pirate-themed projects to make, The Pirate Craft Book will get swashbuckling children crafting and creating in no time. Aimed at boys and girls aged 3+, all of the projects can be made either from readily available items or from easy-to-source materials, parents can have little to no crafting experience to help! As well as pirate projects to wear and essential pirate accessories, there are also pirate-themed cakes and nibbles to make too. Projects include: pirate treasure chest, eye patch, captain’s hook, pretty Polly, Pirate Hat, telescope, and Skull & Crossbones cookies!

Order The Pirate Craft Book from Amazon.com or request it at your local library.

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  1. When we get cardboard boxes in the mail, we cut out pirate swords & hats to color, then make a lot of Arrrr Matey noises while having sword fights.

  2. We usually make eye patches and throw blankets around us and put on a belt to be a pirate.

  3. For a party we filled up a ‘treasure chest’ with sand and trinkets for the kids to pick out (plastic eggs with candies in them, eye patches, bubbles, etc!)

  4. My grandson is only 2 but right now he loves to play superman so I’m sure he would also love to be a pirate.

  5. “What is your favorite pirate craft to do with your kids?” I’m afraid I have been pirate-deficient around here, but I was once a pirate many years ago–maybe that’s something other family members can pursue!

  6. The kids I baby sit and I like to turn there out door jungle gym into a pirate shop! It is so much fun and the kids have a blast

  7. My favorite pirate craft to make with the kids is the Paper Bag Pirate. My kids love having a puppet show later with their pirate creations 🙂

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