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Can you believe it’s almost time to put up the Christmas tree and start the countdown to Christmas? Every year the kids start counting on December 1st using a radio ornament. But this year, we’re going to add a new PLAYMOBIL Advent calendar to help get us ready for the holidays!

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PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar

We are excited about the holiday season and looking forward to pulling the tree out of storage, getting the lights strung on the porch and hanging the wreath on the front door. But there is one fun new piece we are adding to our Christmas traditions.

Starting on December 1st, the kids will be able to open a little door each day and work toward building Santa’s Workshop.. I snuck a peak at day 1 so I could show you what is behind the first flap!

The Advent Calendar comes with a cardboard form so you will have a place to display all the pieces as Santa’s Workshop comes to life!

How do you count down the days till Christmas? I’d love to hear your favorite traditions!

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  1. With my daughter I always did a chocolate calendar. 18 years later I have a little boy and I have never counted down the days until Christmas with him, but these advent calendars look like so much fun. I would love the chance to do it this year.

  2. We use an advent calendar and the Playmobil calendar is the greatest! We have a collection of figures for creative play.

  3. We like to make a chain out of construction paper and tear off one link each day for our countdown! I remember doing this as a child, also!

  4. We count down with a chocolate Advent calendar. Advent calendars have been a family tradition since I was a child!

  5. We use an advent calendar with empty pockets. Sometime it contains a small toy, other times it tells us an activity to do together

  6. I have never counted down the days until Christmas with my kids, but these advent calendars look like so much fun. I would love the chance to do it this year.

  7. I don’t really have anything we do to count down the days, but my oldest daughter is high functioning Autistic and has a thing for holidays, so for any holiday (that she knows about) she will keep everyone informed on how many days away it is. (She used to count down from the previous year, but I have now worked with her that she is only allowed a month or so of counting down).

  8. We always do Advent calenders 🙂 My two youngest always choose either Playmobil or Lego. They look forward every year to the new releases!

  9. I have a cute string of mini stockings that I hang on the wall and fill with little notes or candy.I like to put super dorky holiday jokes in there too.The kids would probably like this set better though,lol.

  10. Our elf every year brings a box of books and puts under the tree on December 1st with instructions for him to pick and open one book each night to read for bedtime story. When he gets to the last one…its Christmas Eve!

  11. I have an old box type advent calendar and usually put small pieces of candy (like a Hershey kiss) inside each day. But this Playmobil advent calendar seems much more interesting & fun!

  12. We have snowmen who count down the days. But an advent calendar would be really neat, since the snowmen are kinda difficult with the #s of days

  13. We have a Christmas countdown calendar that starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. We do one thing every night leading up to Christmas. Sometimes they are small things and sometimes they are bigger.

  14. We usually count them down with a big calendar and mark the days off !! Would love to win this and do it this way !

  15. Our Elf on the Shelf helps us count down the days till Christmas! He comes out on Dec. 1 and leaves treats and makes little messes. He’s a ton of fun! Our 7 and 4 year old daughters would absolutely LOVE to have this Advent Calendar to help them as well:)

  16. We usually buy some sort of calendar to help us count down the days until Christmas! I am loving all of the new styles that have come out lately. 🙂

  17. Chocolate advent calendars! Still looking for this years. They’re $7 on Amazon and I just can’t bring myself to spend that.

  18. We have a countdown/ advent mini stocking garland. Each day there is either an activity or some sort of little treat like a candy or something for each of the girls.

  19. This year, I think I would like to do little activities with my kids to count down to Christmas. Make Christmas cards for out of state relatives one night early in the month, bake cookies for the neighbors, etc. I think the activities will build a memorable Christmas season. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  20. Well we have an advent Calendar that has candy under each day and they we have crafts we make on each day of the 12 days and they pertain to a Christmas theme.

  21. I get my grand kids a Playmobil calendar every year! The best Advent Calendars ever! We have a great collection of characters for creative play throughout the year!

  22. Last year we didn’t do anything 🙁 But the year before, I made an awesome advent calendar just using decorated paper lunch bags hung on the wall in the shape of the tree. Each of the bags had something small in it. Sometimes an activity to help other people, or do something together, a candy, etc. It was a blast! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  23. In my house we’ve always had a little chalkboard that says X amount of days to go! And of course chocolate advent calendars.

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