Geocaching Tip – Check your Batteries

Earlier this week, we headed out on a road trip. We grabbed the handheld GPS and found the coordinates for several geocaches in the area we were heading.

We forgot to check the batteries.
We grabbed 2 batteries out of the drawer but didn’t check them. We got to the location, grabbed the GPS…. and it wouldn’t power on.

Fortunately, we had just seen a little gas station around the corner so we were able to buy 2 AA batteries for less than $3.50 and we were ready to hunt for our cache.

We took along my Dad for his first ever geocaching experience.

And we found the cache!!!

This was a great adventure for a day when the local bank showed the temperature to be 106 degrees. We were able to ride in an air conditioned vehicle, drink lots of water and still find our hidden treasure.

Have you done a geocache hunt recently? I’d love to hear your best tip!

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    1. A car gps will get you in the right area but I don’t know if you could find the cache very easily. Is it portable where you could carry it out the car? Depends on the battery time. The handheld really narrows it down to exactly the location (under a bridge, over a hill, around a bush etc. If you have a smartphone, I think you can download an app. My cousin uses his iphone to find the gps coordinates and then follow the path. If you try that route, I’d love to hear if it works for you!

  1. It is a fun experience. My husband and kids are better at finding them than me. I tend to give up and end up taking pictures while they actually look for them lol

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