Gattitown Fun for the Family

What can you do when it’s cold outside and you need some family fun? How about a day at Gattitown? Gattitown offers something for everyone – bounce house for the little tots, Air Hockey, Skee Ball and Bumper Cars for the older kids and enough arcade style games for everyone in between.

But there’s more to Gattitown than just the games. We discovered that unlike some pizza fun zones where you go for the fun and endure the pizza, the Marketplace Buffet is actually good!

Gattitown Fun for the Family

Yesterday was a day off school for my kids so we headed over to Gattitown in Lexington to check it out for ourselves. We’ve had way too many days stuck in the house, so the kids were ready to burn some energy and experience something fun.


Gattitown in Lexington is one of the largest pizza game centers I’ve been to. Two words come to mind from our experience – CLEAN and Controlled! I was impressed with the restrooms and the cleanliness of the food area. Sometimes in a place that is so focused on fun, it is easy to let little things slide. The other thing that I really liked is that the food area is separate from the fun zone. This lets you actually carry on a conversation in a relatively calm environment instead of being bombarded with game noises while you’re enjoying a salad or slice of pepperoni pizza.

The place is huge. There are multiple party rooms, lockers, public eating areas, a large buffet area and of course the game room. Remember that no food and drinks are allowed in the game zone. So finish your food and then go play.

The Card System

You can purchase cards of any amount for the games and rides. A $5.00 card will give you 2,000 credits. The games range from 150 credits up to 800 per game or ride. Any tickets you win will be automatically applied to your card where you can redeem them in the store.

$5- 2000 credits
$10- 4200 credits (200 bonus) .50 value
$20 – 8,800 credits ( 800 bonus) $2 value
$30 – 13,600 credits (1600 bonus) $4 value

Party Rooms Of Course

There are several levels of parties that you can order from Gattitown. I have never offered my kids the option of doing a party at a party/pizza location, but when you look at what all is involved in the party packs, this may be a fun option. You can view the party options here.


Marketplace Buffet

When you think about Gattitown, my first thought for food is pizza. The Marketplace Buffet impressed me. Not only is there plenty of quantity to keep everyone satisfied, but the quality is impressive. The pizza dough is made fresh every day. I was surprised to see senior citizens eating in the public dining area not because they were there to play the games, but because they just wanted good food. Most restaurants offer Coke or Pepsi products to their customers; but at Gattitown, you can have your choice since they offer both. Drinks are included in your buffet price.


Since I have been trying to make healthier choices for the past 13 months, I knew I would try to eat some salad on my visit. But I didn’t expect to find such a great salad bar with fresh ingredients. As I talked to the staff and chef, I learned that they make it a priority to ensure that the salad ingredients are delivered fresh each day.


Special Family Deal

gattitown logoHobbies on a Budget readers can receive a special offer on a Family Four Pack!

I received complimentary discounts for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. I had a birthday party at Gattitown over 10 years ago! It was so fun! I still go there all the time with my family!

  2. I’ve never been to Gatti’s although I’ve heard of it. I think that the games would be fun for the whole family!

  3. We really like Gattitown. We used to go all the time when our oldest was younger. May have to talk the hubby into going next week 🙂

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