Gardening Activities in February

It’s still winter but that doesn’t keep the gardening activities from happening. True, I can’t plant seeds in the flower beds outside but I can still stay really busy doing the winter gardening activities that have to happen to ensure that summer gardening is successful. Here are some of the things I’m doing during these winter months to grow and prepare for the next full growing season.

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Gardening Activities in February

Take a Seed Inventory

Now is the perfect time to take a look at your seed packets and see what is missing. Do you need more of one plant or do you have extras left over from last year to trade with a friend? I have been going through the seed packets to see when I can start planting the seeds under grow lights.

Plant Potatoes in Burlap Bags

I found a few potatoes in the drawer under the stove that were starting to sprout with eyes. Rather than throw them out, I decided to plant them in burlap bags. I simply rolled the bags down to about 6 inches and filled them with potting mix. As the potatoes grow, I will roll up the bags and give them more space to grow.

I have no idea if this will work, but I’m excited to try. I placed them inside my unheated greenhouse and will give them water as needed till we reach full spring.

Try Something New

I have never planted sweet peas under a grow light but this past week, I soaked the seeds for 24 hours and then planted them in these seed trays. I’m keeping them lightly watered and am excited to see if they germinate. I can just imagine how pretty my garden gate will be with a mix of sweet pea flowers growing by the barn.

One of my favorite ways to keep all my winter seeds watered is the RinseKit. This is a handy gadget that makes my gardening tasks so much easier.

Document the Process

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not good at this step. I have great intentions of writing everything down, but I just get too busy having fun. I plant seeds, add new lights, rearrange the pots, and play in the dirt, but I forget to actually write down what I’m doing or when I’m doing the next steps.

Read a New Book

I love learning new things so a new book like The Vegetable Garden Problem Solver Handbook is a great addition to my bookshelf. I can reference it now and keep it on hand for when my vegetables start growing full-scale in my outdoor gardens.

In this book, not only will you discover how to get your plants off to a healthy start, you’ll also find out how to properly identify plant pathogens, how to troubleshoot problems like pollination issues and weather-related disorders, and how to prevent ailments such as fruit cracking, leaf roll, and blossom end rot

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What are you doing this month to prepare for gardening season? I’d love to hear what you are planting!

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