From Sadies Sketchbook Series for Tweens

We all know that Natalie loves to read – and many of her favorite books are by Faithgirlz! For Christmas, Natalie received the first two books of a new series from her grandparents – “From Sadie’s Sketchbook“. She loved the first two books and knew she needed to read more of the series.

Hobbies on a Budget received books for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. No monetary compensation was received.

sadies sketchbook

From Sadies Sketchbook Series for Tweens

From Sadie’s Sketchbook is about Sadie, a preteen girl who once lived in California, but finds herself in Owl Creek, Michigan. At first she doesn’t fit in, but with the help of art lessons, friends, and of course faith, she begins to uncover who she really is. Sadie grows through some troublesome times, yet always finds peace in the end. There’s tears shed, and laughs laughed, but in the end everything turns out ok.

Natalie’s opinion
From Sadie’s Sketchbook Waves of Light is a book full of new problems. Frankie (one of Sadie’s best friends) moves away. Just before Vivian gets an art exhibit in New York, her house is destroyed by a flash flood. Then, to make matters worse, Sadie has to worry about this new girl Annebell. Will Sadie be able to get her life back on track?

I recommend this book for girls 4th-6th grade. It’s a wild roller coaster as it goes from happy to sad, to exciting and much more! This is perfect for people wanting an easy, yet engaging book!


About the Author

naomi kinsman

Naomi Kinsman has always dreamed of plunging into a fiction world, like Lucy does in Voyage of the Dawn Treader. In Naomi’s first career, acting and directing for the theater, this dream was inches from her reach. But writing has made the dream possible, and now Naomi regularly slips into other worlds as she does with the “From Sadie’s Sketchbook” series.

Naomi is the author of the 2009 Moonbeam Gold Medal winner, Spilled Ink, and she has written and directed over 50 plays for young audiences. She lives in Northern California with her husband and identically colored pets: a tuxedo cat and a Portuguese water dog.

When I’m sharing a book review, I always end up on the author’s website, and Naomi Kinsman’s website had something I’ve never seen before on an author site. There was a prompt with the question “What’s your Creativity Style”? Of course, I had to follow the prompts to find out my answer! I got the result of Dreamer- And yes! I can definitely relate to that!

Dreamers stumble upon many of their ideas out of the blue. For dreamers, creativity is unpredictable, full of surprising twists and turns.

Connect with Author Naomi Kinsman on her website, Facebook and Twitter. And yes, Naomi, if you read this review, my daughter and I would love to talk with you!


If you have been around Hobbies on a Budget long, you know how much my daughter loves Faithgirlz books and authors.

natalie getting riley mae

We have reviewed Riley Mae and the Good News Shoes books several times! Natalie has done an email interview with her favorite author, Jill Osborne. In fact, she and her friend Olivia had the opportunity to interview Jill recently in an online interview!

She loved Lucy Out of Bounds, Samantha Sanderson series , and have talked about many other books under the Faithgirlz brand

What are your favorite books for pretweens? Ever read any of these Faithgirlz books?

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