FREE Things to Do with Family

This past weekend, we had some of our cousins and grandparents come spend a few days. We had a great time making memories together and didn’t spend any money (except for food). Spending time together can sometimes be all about the big amusement parks, going to the movies and enjoying big city entertainment options, but this weekend is proof that all ages can enjoy spending time together with some of the simple things in life and you don’t have to have a big budget to have memorable family time. Here are some free things to do with family!

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FREE Things to Do with Family

When family gets together, it’s important to remember that there doesn’t have to be an agenda. Just offer some loose options and then see what happens! We spent some time down by the lake, out in the woods, down by the campfire and in the house. There was something for everyone. Since we all know that a picture is worth so much more than a full thousand words, here are some ideas and pictures to help you prepare for your next family adventure!

Feed the Fish

Remember to take some bread or crackers to bring the fish to the surface!



Make S’mores

True, making s’mores isn’t completely free, but it is a pretty cheap dessert and makes for lots of fun memories! Just don’t forget the paper towels to wash off the sticky marshmallowy goodness!






Since everyone loves to color, this great coloring tablecloth from The Coloring Table is a great idea! We just left it out all weekend so there was always something to do! It’s always funny to see how people of all ages have a hard time passing up a marker and chance to create something beautiful! We pull out this tablecloth whenever we have family or friends over and let everyone add their own touch to the masterpiece!


Tip: We love the Inked by Blackcat fabric markers but any fabric markers will work with the Coloring Table!

Take a Hike

Whether you are hiking through the woods in the backyard or head out to explore in a big field, head out and go exploring!


Play a Game

Pick a game that is easy for all ages to play and enjoy! We love UNO Attack and have enjoyed this game for many years with family of all ages!


Go the Playground

We found this great old-school playground while we were out exploring this weekend with the family! What a great opportunity to introduce the kids to some more vintage pieces like a real metal slide!



Explore the Lake

Everyone loves trying to skip rocks in the lake or looking for fossils along the waters edge!


Take Pictures!

One important thing to remember about being together with family is that pictures are important (and everyone needs their time in the picture)! Young kids won’t remember all the special moments as they grow up, so make sure you snap lots of pictures! And don’t forget to print the best ones so you can display them on the wall and share them with family!

fun with family
family time

What free things do you love doing when you have family time? Got any free activities that are family favorites? I’d love to hear!

Thanks to all my family for permission to share these fun pictures! Looking forward to the next time we get to make more memories!

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  1. Looks like all we’re having a wonderful time. We don’t get out enough to enjoy nature and the outside!

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