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Framing Art Review

Several years ago, I created a crossstitch map of the statesmy husband and I have visited since we’ve been married. The only problem is that it is an odd size and doesn’t fit easily in a standard frame. That’s why I was excited to check out American Frames DIY framing art options.

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I was able to go to their website and upload my image, specify the size of my image and custom design my framing options. Since I could see the different frames and mat board options, I was able to experiment till I got the look I was wanting. I pushed order and then waited a few days to receive my DIY frame.

The directions made perfect sense. I was able to put the frame together from start to finish in less than 30 minutes. Now I have a beautiful framed piece of art displaying the states we’ve visited. (Looks like we need to hit the road and see some more of our great country!)

I couldn’t find the glass to slide in on top of the artwork. I looked everywhere. Then finally I called their customer service. Oops – I didn’t realize you just have to peel back the front and back paper to get to the glass.

Finished Product:

What do you think? Didn’t it turn out nice?

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