Fortune Falls: A Lucky Find

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Sometimes the books you find by chance are the best of all. I know this better than anyone. My little brother brought home Fortune Falls by Jenny Goebel from his Scholastic book fair, and because I had nothing better to read, I gave this new book a try. So I began to read. Immediately, I was plunged into a world where superstitions were real. Where children really do watch for cracks in the concrete for fear of breaking their mom’s back.

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Fortune Falls: A Lucky Find

This is a world where pennies found on the sidewalk facing up really do bring extra luck. Where at the age of 12  you have to take the Luck Test to see if you have to leave your family and go to the dreaded Unlucky Banes or head off to the Lucky school of Flourish Academy. But in a world with good luck there is also bad luck, and that’s the end of the deal that Sadie gets. With the test quickly approaching, Sadie teams up with her Lucky friend Cooper. He just happens to have the bright idea of a telescope to wish upon a star, but the telescope has a mirror inside… which Sadie breaks. It is a race against time. Can Sadie get on a winning streak to save her from her own bad luck, or should Banes start preparing a room for her?

Reading this book was definitely a rollercoaster of the best kind. It had a little bit of that dystopian society feel which was interesting being a smaller book. Fortune Falls is packed full of interesting plot twists making it a mesmerizing read for all ages. This book is squeaky clean and great for anyone: boy or girl.

I loaned Fortune Falls to a friend and she enjoyed it so much she had to read it through twice!! My little brother also read it and loved it. But we all agree on one thing: We NEED a sequel! Jenny Goebel, if you’re  reading this, please let us know if (and when) we should be expecting it. We just have to read about Sadie’s next adventures. I know I for one, being the young writer that I am, was filled with ideas for the next book.

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Once you read this fantastic novel, I would love to know if you think you would be a Lucky or an Unlucky. Sadly, I’d probably end up at Banes, but on the other hand, my brother would totally be living it up at Flourish. Please leave a comment on where you think you would be.

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  1. Impressive review, Natalie! I bet my girls would like this book. I will have to look for it for them.

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