For the Love of a Pony

There are three kinds of people: Those that don’t know peanuts about horses; Those that enjoy being around horses; and Those that live and breathe horses! I am personally in the middle category but my 7 year old daughter is one that lives and breathes HORSES! I don’t know where the love has come from but she has fallen in love with all things ‘equine’. That means that I am learning about horses, donkeys, ponies and mules.

For the love of a pony

For the Love of a Pony

If you can’t own your own horse, what’s a girl to do?

We don’t have the space or resources to give our daughter a horse. So what do we do to help develop her love for horses? We love going over to visit our friends who own horses. They provide a great resource and help my kids to learn about horses and some basics about their care.

Yesterday, we spent several hours with the mini-horses from Lil Wrangers Rescue (a not for profit equine rescue group specializing in the rescue, rehab , and rehoming of equine in central Ky) learning how to put on the halter, attach a lead rope and groom the horses.

grooming 1

We spent some time using several different brushes and combs to clean up the horses and learning how to braid their manes.


Then it was time for more fun. The kids got a chance to walk and even run with the mini horses.

horses march 21

Thanks to Jana, Kayelynn and the Lil Wranglers Rescue for giving us the chance to be around your horses and ponies! What a fun experience for all of us.

What about you? Are you a “horse person”? What’s your best tip or story about being around horses? We’d love to hear!

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  1. Wow Amber – trail ride guide in Yellowstone! Really cool! I can relate to your loving those 2 credits in college. That would have been my favorite too. I’m really excited to see what great horse opportunities come up this next year! Horses need attention and I sure do know a girl (and her mom too!) who are looking forward to some fun times! Thanks for sharing your horse story!

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