Sharing Flowers with Neighbors

Do you have a backyard full of beautiful flowers and a desire to do something thoughtful for your neighbors? Have you thought about cutting fresh bouquets to take next door? Recently, we visited a family number who has an amazing backyard full of every color of flowers. We took some time to cut several bouquets and share the flowers with neighbors.

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Sharing Flowers with Neighbors

Use Whatever You Have

My family member had black-eyed Susans, zinnias, and phlox. So that’s what we cut to share. Maybe you have roses, coneflowers, or dahlias. It doesn’t really matter what flowers you choose to cut. If you have something in bloom, then you have the makings of a beautiful cut flower arrangement.

Don’t Worry about Rules

Sure, there are some cut flowers that last longer than others but that doesn’t mean there are hard and fast rules. I have often cut something and put it in a vase just to see how it will do. Whether you get to enjoy them for a day or a week doesn’t really matter.

Fill the vases

Most people have extra vases stored back in cabinets or the garage. Just pull out whatever you have and fill them with fresh water and whatever flowers you love.

Share them with neighbors and friends or add them to your counters and enjoy them yourself.

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