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HandLine Fishing with the Flip Reel

We love trying new hobbies. Today we are excited to share about the Flip Reel from EarthEasy! We received products or discounts to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

Our family often loves to head out to the closest pond and try to catch some bluegills. Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to catch a catfish! When one of my favorite companies, EarthEasy, offered to let us try the Flip Reel and learn about handline fishing, of course we said yes! My son and I took the Flip Reel out to our back creek and started learning about handline fishing.

check out this cool piece of fishing gear called the Flip Reel!

HandLine Fishing with the Flip Reel

Up until this week, I had never heard of handline fishing, so this was sure to be a new adventure.

Flip Reel makes handline fishing easier

Wikipedia definies Handline fishing, or handlining, as a fishing technique where a single fishing line is held in the hands. It is not be confused with handfishing. One or more fishing lures or baited hooks are attached to the line.

The Flip Reel offers a convenient way to take your fishing hobby on the go. This small portable reel wraps up easily and safely so you can carry it in your backpack, suitcase or anywhere you want to go. There is even a little snip so you can cut your fishing line without having to carry scissors!

flip reel 2

To get started with your new Handline Fishing Flip Reel, just take it out of the box and tie on the included sinker and hook.

flip reel 3
flip reel 4

Full disclosure here: We haven’t actually caught anything with the Flip Reel yet. But we are trying! And of course, as every true fisherman knows – fishing is much more about the experience of being on the bank or in the boat than it is about actually catching the biggest fish! right?

Click here to learn more about the Flip Reel!

Flip Reel makes it safe and easy for you and the kids to enjoy the thrill of getting up close and personal with the fish you’re trying to catch.

Flip Reel comes loaded with a generous 165ft of 17lb line, small hook and sinker. The reel packs down to half its size, perfect to stow in your car or boat and small enough to throw in a backpack for a hike, fish from a kayak, or to keep in your bug out bag. Flip Reel floats, so you can easily retrieve it if it’s accidentally dropped in the water.

Pack the tackle away to protect your fingers, the kids, and the things in your bag from the hook, line and sinker. Flip Reel is fun without the on switch!

When you are done, you simply roll up the fishing line and attach the hook. You can toss it in your backpack and not worry about a long fishing pole.

flip reel 6

Gift Idea for a Birthday!

Hey Parents & Grandparents? You know that boy or girl on your gift list with a birthday coming up soon? You know the one I’m talking about! They love to be outside and are always trying something new like making paracord bracelets or asking for a new pocket knife? This Flip Reel would be a perfect gift idea! It’s only $19.99! Great price for a fun gift!

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  1. I have not yet tried hand fishing it seems pretty interesting though, but my favorite memory fishing would probably be watching my husband and son fish my husband absolutely LOVES fishing anything to get away and have a nice cold beer and fish he would do that all day every day.

  2. i’ve never even heard of this! i love going to visit my parents and fishing with my dad!

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