First Sewing Lesson

Last weekend my daughter decided she needed a new special blanket for her dolls. It was icy and cold outside, so I knew we weren’t going anywhere. We decided it was time she get her first sewing lesson. We pulled out our fabric box, the sewing machine, straight pins and scissors. Our first sewing lesson was ready to begin!


First Sewing Lesson

Several months ago my Mom had given me some quilt blocks she had made using leftover fabric from my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. They’ve been sitting in my fabric box waiting for the perfect time. This was it. My daughter loved the flowers and bright pink color. These were perfect. And since I have plenty, I decided this would make a special little blanket for her to enjoy.

I showed her the basics of how to use my machine and a few safety issues. Then we started sewing. Were her seams straight? Not at all! Was she nervous? You bet! Did she have a ball? YES!

By the time she had connected several of the quilt blocks, she had a perfect size blanket for her dolls.

First Sewing Lesson
First Sewing Lesson

Now it was time to cut some of the extra material for the backing. My mom had saved a large piece of the floral material from one of the bridesmaids dresses. It was perfect. Then we found an old flannel baby blanket that we trimmed to use as the blanket padding.

Sewing Lesson
Cutting out the back and trimming the padding

We sewed the pieces with right sides together, leaving several inches unsewn. Then we flipped it right sides out and I did a quick whip stitch to close it shut.

Learning to Sew
A perfect blanket for the dolls!

Now my daughter’s dolls have a great new blanket – full of memories, hugs and love from her mom and her Nonna.

What’s your memories of your first sewing lesson? I’d love to hear!

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