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Find the Voice of Your Blog

Whether you blog about saving money and coupons, books, product reviews and giveaways or your own unique hobby, you have a particular voice. You have a unique voice that deserves to be heard. Readers may find your blog because of an amazing giveaway or promotion that you are running, but they stay on your blog because of your voice and what you have to say.


Each blogger has a unique perspective and way to look at life. That perspective is your voice. When your voice is heard, readers will come back and want more.

Find the voice of your blog

Write about what you know.

When you are passionate about your topic, it will show through in your posts. I get regular feedback from some of my family and friends about certain articles. There are some posts that really shine. You, the readers, can feel my excitement coming through the screen. It’s obvious that I’m comfortable with the topic and I have something to say.

But most bloggers will admit that sometimes we post articles that are not in our field of knowledge. Maybe we are doing a review or sponsored post that just doesn’t really fit our life. Those are the posts that feel flat. The more we write about what we personally know, the better our readers will be able to feel our passion.

Write from experience

In the early days of my blogging I had a blogger from New York give me a piece of advice. She looked at my blog and told me I would never grow until I found my voice and let my personality show. At that time, I was writing about deals and it was very impersonal. As Hobbies on a Budget has grown, I have been working to find a balance between writing about hobbies and sharing my personal experiences.

Readers can go to millions of websites. Why should they choose you? Inject your own spin, take and perspective in order to keep the readers coming back.

Know your Audience

If you are blogging for family and friends then you can be very relaxed, casual and possibly even get by with grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. However, if your target audience is the general public who love your subject, you need to keep your personality but maintain a level of professionalism. When you write your articles, think about who they are. Are they Moms who are looking for ways to save money, then keep your main focus on articles that pertain to them. Do you and your readers have strong opinions on homeschool, natural products or pets? Then gear your articles toward those interests. I have posted a few articles that were not geared toward my focus audience. Those articles don’t usually do as well.

When you are writing, keep a specific person in mind so you can target that demographic or reader.

Do you feel like you have found your voice? Or are you still trying to find who you are as a blogger or writer? Got any tips to help us be true to ourselves and let our voice shine through? I’d love to hear!

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