5 Ways to Find Hidden Money

Did you know that there are ways to find a few extra dollars that you may not know about? You may not get rich or fund your next Disney vacation, but these ideas could easily help you buy your next cup of coffee or buy a gift for the next holiday. Here are 5 ways to find hidden money.

5 Ways to Find Hidden Money

find hidden money

Check your cards:

Most bank cards, store loyalty cards and credit cards have a rewards or incentive program. Sometimes you may know about the program and know all the details about how to redeem your rewards. But other programs change or you just forget to check the balance of the rewards.

Recently a friend of mine was in their bank making a deposit when the teller asked them if they had redeemed their points recently. To my friends great surprise, her debit card that she used for all her daily purchases had been accruing points for over a year! She was able to redeem her points for over $200 in cash!

I have an old credit card that has a $0 balance. Since I never use the card, I forgot that I had rewards points. This past week I logged in and realized I had $15 in Lowes Gift Card money just waiting for me to print. What a nice surprise!

Most of these rewards points have an expiration date of when you can redeem them. So take a few minutes and check your cards. You can either log in online or make a quick phone call to see if you have hidden money waiting to be redeemed.

Cash in the piggy bank

. Most people collect change in a piggy bank or jar in their house. I heard of one family who threw all their loose change into a container at the end of each day. Then a few months before Christmas, they cashed in all their change and were able to buy a special Christmas present. Another friend decided they would never spend an actual dime. Whenever they found a dime in their pocket, they would save it in a container at home. By refusing to spend that coin, they saved enough money over the years to pay off a vehicle.

Clean out your vehicle.

Most people don’t clean out their vehicle very often. So if you need a few extra coins, pull it out in the driveway, dump out all the trash and grab your vacuum cleaner. Chances are you will find a few hidden quarters under the front seat. It’s a win-win situation. You end up with a clean vehicle and you are a few coins richer! This same idea applies to the couch and recliner. Many people keep change in their pockets that occasionally falls out between the cushions. Tip your couch and do some cleaning. You will probably find a few other hidden treasures as well (LEGO bricks, lost socks, a few pieces of candy?)

Sell some CDs or Books

If you have transferred all your music to your ipod, then you no longer need all those cds taking up space in your closet. Finished the latest bestseller and now it’s just taking up space on your shelf? Drop them in a box and head to Half Price Books in Lexington to pick up some surprise cash!

Trade in Clothes

Once your kids outgrow their clothes and toys, take them to a local consignment store and sell them or trade them for new-to-you stuff. You’ll clean out your closets and get things you actually need instead.

Have you ever found hidden money that you didn’t realize you had? I’d love to hear your fun story.

This article was published in the print edition of the Advocate Messenger, September 15, 2013.

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