Birdhouses for Every Backyard

We live in a backyard full of trees with perfect spots for bird feeders. I love the chance to feed birds and decorate out in the woods but buying new feeders to put in all the perfect spots cost way too much money. That’s why I love finding easy ideas to create new birdfeeders and transform everyday items into something amazing. Whether you are looking for a perfect gift or want to tackle a quick DIY project, here are some ideas to provide houses fo our feathery friends.

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DIY Birdhouses & Birdfeeders

If you love taking care of your flying guests, then take a few hours this season to create a DIY birdhouse. The Audubon Birdhouse Book makes it easy to build houses for many of North America’s favorite birds. This book not only shows you how to build the best house for each variety of birds but also is a great resource for learning how to monitor birds nesting boxes, which native plants attract specific native birds, and how birders can help birds.

If DIY is not in your plans, then head out to your local store and buy a prebuilt house along with some seed so you can start feeding the birds in your backyard.

Plan for Hummingbirds

Support your favorite military branch or NCAA team with hummingbird feeders from Fan Feeders. Give a gift or buy it now and save it for yourself!

Pro tip: Buy a birdseed scoop to make it easier to fill the feeders!

Do you enjoy bird feeders and little houses to feed the birds in your backyard? I’d love to see what you do to welcome these feathery friends into your world!

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