February Winter Greenhouse Update

Despite the February cold, my unheated greenhouse continues to give me great joy. If you have ever stepped inside a greenhouse, you know that there is nothing quite like the smell and feel of a warm growing environment. Take a look at what is growing and see one of the things I’ve learned this month with my winter greenhouse experiment.

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February Winter Greenhouse Update


My pansies are still living. After 3 days of temperatures in the teens and below, they survived! They were a bit thirsty when I went out to check on them this afternoon but they are still beautiful and growing.

Milk Jug Experiments

I still have the milk jugs inside the greenhouse but also added several outside by the greenhouse since some people have success like that. So far none of the sees in the milk jugs have germinated. I’m not sure if I’m just being impatient or if theeds have died, but no visible progress yet. I spritzed them a little again today and will keep waiting.


The carrots are so full in the flower pot. I know I should thin them, but right now I’m just letting them grow. I figure I’ll seperate them out next month and get them ready to transplant to the garden. Maybe I’ll have a head start for full grown carrots sooner?


The celery was doing great but it’s just been too cold in the greenhouse for it to stay alive. I’ve started another stalk of celery again but this time I’m keeping it in the house when it’s below freezing instead of in the unheated greenhouse.

The greenhouse structure has survived the whole winter even with ice, sleet and snow. I wasn’t sure if the plastic walls would be able to handle the weather but have been super impressed so far. The only thing that has broken is the zipper handle which is a super simple fix.

I have loved my greenhouse all winter long but am now really starting to look forward to spring. I have started some seed pods inside but will be moving them out to the greenhouse in the next few weeks.

Have you been trying this unheated greenhouse experiment? Got any tips or stories about what you have grown this winter? I’d love to hear!

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