Fearless Book Review

Sometimes you read books that just make an impact on your life. You find yourself talking about the book and the characters or you hear yourself sharing thoughts or emotions from the book. I just finished reading Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown last night. Today as I was taking my kids to school, I shared part of the story and how the main character Adam Brown just didn’t have any ‘quit’ in him. When life dealt him a tough hand or he made some really bad decisions, Adam just kept coming back and saying “I’ve got this…. I can do this”.

Adam grew up with a loving family. As a young boy and through high school, he learned and developed a work ethic and built character that you can’t buy. Then as he entered his young adult years, he made some really bad choices that ended up placing him in some situations where it even looked like his life was going to be finished before he really got started.

Along the way, he met some people who prayed for him and helped him realize that God would have to give him the strength to make some serious life changing moves. He was able to enter the military and decided he would push forward and become a Navy SEAL. The road was tough with many problems and potholes.

This story proves that people can make choices in life and drastically impact everyone they meet. No matter how big or small you think your problems are, with a intense work ethic, support from family and a relationship with God, you can bring about change in your life.

I was struck over and over with how his wife Kelley was so supportive as a military wife and mom. I found this interview from back in March, 2012 as she talked about the life and impact of her husband Adam.

You can read an excerpt of the book here.

I received a copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah for the purpose of this review.

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