Favorite Moon Books for Children

A few weeks ago, my daughter came home from school ‘over the moon’ excited about a book she had read at school. It was all about why the moon looks in your window at night. Have you ever wondered? It’s because the moon is listening to the nighttime stories that parents share with their kids at bedtime. She was so excited about it that she told her teacher how much she loved it. Her teacher decided to let her have the book! That got us looking through our own books to find our favorite moon books we have in our collection.

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Favorite Moon Books for children

Our all time classic moon author is Frank Asch. Here are our three favorite moon books by Asch.


Moondance (Moonbear Books): Bear is so sad because he just wants to dance with the moon. He gets to play with the rain, dance with the moon and have a great fun time with the clouds. This series of books tops our favorites list that the kids just don’t outgrow and I plan to keep in our permanent collection. This is another great addition to the MoonBear series by Frank Asch.

Happy Birthday Moon

Happy Birthday, Moon (Moonbear): My kids have loved this book for years. Bear wants so bad to give a birthday gift to the moon but the moon won’t talk to him. When Bear starts talking to the moon and the moon actually talks back, the kids get to learn what an echo is. When the moon gives a special gift back to Bear, my kids still get a great laugh. This is a great book with simple drawings but beautiful expressions.

Moonbear’s Shadow

Moonbear’s Shadow (Moonbear Books): Bear gets so frustrated. He just wants to catch a fish and that crazy bear shadow just keeps getting in the way. He tries everything to get that shadow to leave him alone so he can fish. Finally, he gives up and goes to take a nap. Bear is so excited when he and his shadow finally work together and both get to catch a fish. We usually end up talking about the way the sun moves and the shadows change. Another favorite by Frank Asch.

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon is a classic kids book that people have loved for years. The text and drawings are simple and easy to read. This is a book guaranteed to put you and your kids to sleep in an instant. You just can’t be stressed while you’re reading Goodnight Moon.

Next time you see the moon shining in your window, think about picking up a new story book that talks about the moon. Maybe you’ll find a great new family favorite.

Do you have a moon book that I don’t know about? I’d love to hear!

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