My 6 Favorite Hiking Trails

My family loves to get out and explore a new hiking trail. This is the perfect weather to get out and discover a great waterfall, mountain top or scenic view. But if you are not a regular hiking family, you may need some ideas to get you out of the recliner, away from the TV and out on a wooded path. Here are my 6 Favorite Hiking Trails from this past year!

My 6 Favorite Hiking Trails

Raven Run Nature Preserve
(Near Lexington, Kentucky)

raven run

Raven Run Nature Preserve may have been a secret to us, but not to many other Kentucky hikers. The parking lot was full; there were even cars parked in the grass. But even though there were plenty of other people on the trails, it didn’t feel crowded. The Preserve is large enough with plenty of trails to accommodate the many hikers out enjoying nature on a gorgeous summer day.

Hiking to the top of Stone Mountain (Atlanta, Georgia)

hiking to the top of stone mountain

Hiking to the top of Stone Mountain is not for the faint of heart. This is no easy walk in the park and definitely not stroller or wheelchair friendly. It may only be a mile to the top of Stone Mountain, but the path is steep at times and could be considered a tricky climb.

Ijams Nature Center, Knoxville, Tennessee

Ijams Nature Center

Located only 3 miles from downtown, this is a must see on any family vacation destination. It’s still amazing to me when I find these ‘hidden jewels’ that don’t cost a penny and offer so much to my family. Whether you’re looking for a place to hike in the woods, discover nature, stretch your imagination, learn about wildlife or find great family photo opps, Ijams delivers!

Kentucky River Palisades Trail, Lexington, Kentucky

Hiking the kentucky river palisades trail

Located about 30 minutes south of Lexington, right below Nicholasville, KY is the Tom Dorman State Nature Preserve. There are no restrooms, visitors center or big parking lot. The Preserve is located at the end of the road with a simple sign welcoming you, a place to sign in, and a map on the back of the welcome sign.

Natural Bridge, Slone, Kentucky

Natural Bridge
Well Marked Path to top

Natural Bridge is a KY state park with a natural rock arch and an amazing hike. We have been several times in the last few years and it’s always worth the hike. But there are a few tips to make your next hiking trip to Natural Bridge a little more fun.

Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge, Danville, Kentucky

central kentucky Wildlife Refuge

When the leaves start to change colors and the weather hits the low 60′s, it’s time to grab the tennis shoes, some bottles of water and find the closest hiking trails. Last week our family drove over to the Central KY Wildlife Refuge area located less than 20 minutes from Danville, KY. We hiked for several hours, enjoyed the sounds, sights and smells of Fall and took some great photos.

What are your favorite hiking trails? I’d love to hear your favorite places to get out and enjoy nature!

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  1. Hey, that hiking trail isn’t too close by, but maybe in 4 days i will go there. When is it open so that i can know where to go to one of those hiking trails? They seem fun. I might go there with my kids, they love hiking, and so do i. We should go there one day.

  2. Well, none of these trails are close to me. But we do love to hike. And I think I will have to check out the Knoxville one before too long. Hopefully the weather holds out.

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