Favorite Christmas Ornaments

It’s almost Christmas! The trees have been decorated, the smell of baking is taking over our homes and it’s time to get together with family. The first thing most people do when they visit a home this time of year is to stop and study the Christmas Tree. Invariably, it becomes storytime as each ornament is examined. “Do you remember when?” “Where did this ornament come from?” “Who made this ornament, Mom?” Today, I want to share my favorite Christmas ornaments.

What is your favorite Christmas ornament I would find on your tree?

Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Favorite Christmas ornaments always have a story. Whether the ornament was made by the kids when they were in elementary school, handcrafted by a famous designer or purchased from Hallmark, the Christmas tree tells a story.

My favorite ornaments

Years ago, my Grandmother took the flashbulbs from the vintage cameras and used great detail to create these one-of-a-kind keepsake ornaments. I’m not sure how many of them still exist on any of my extended family trees, but every year this comes out of storage and gives us an opportunity to talk about our family members who are no longer here to celebrate with us.

When we got married and celebrated our first Christmas, my mother-in-law gave us several ornaments that had been on their first tree 41 years ago. They’ve survived 18 seasons. With the 3 kids helping to decorate the tree every year, I’m always amazed that these silver bells and balls survive another year.

When my Mom was pregnant with me, she spent many hours crafting little wooden houses – dreaming of the next Christmas when she would have a little baby. I still have one of the ornaments that comes out of the ornament box and gets a place of honor on the tree.

Baby Socks

I kept a baby sock from each of my kids and created these simple ornaments so I could enjoy them forever. I love the way they turned out. It was such an easy craft but gives me joy every year.

When my daughter was born, one of my piano students gave us this little glass pacifier. I just love pulling it out every year and hanging it on the tree.

The Most Fun!

The most fun ornament to come out of the box every year is this large Hawaiian wooden ball and feathered head. One of my husband’s friends is from Hawaii and sent this as a gift in the early years of our marriage. What makes it so much fun is my oldest son’s response. When he was small, he always had a strong dislike for this ornament. Now that he’s older, we still laugh every year and make him hang it up in his favorite spot. He always hangs it on the side farthest away from the front door. The laughter that this ornament gives us each year is priceless.

What is your favorite Christmas ornament? I would love to hear your favorite stories! Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love these! I haven’t developed any way of getting ornaments, and all of mine from growing up are still at my parent’s house. I love the idea of getting them on major vacations though!

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