The Farmer’s Kitchen Book Review

We love growing fresh vegetables in our garden. There is just something about going out in the backyard to pick your own supper. Fresh tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, corn, bell peppers and onions – everything tastes better when you pick it yourself.


But what do you do with all your fresh produce? I love eating fresh vegetables in salad, as side dishes or even as snacks on a hot summer day. There’s nothing like eating green bell peppers in the cold winter months that you froze during the summer. Need some tips on freezing peppers? Looking for ways to preserve summer corn? Got a bumper crop of tomatos? Why not create some tomato sauce.


The Farmers Kitchen Book Review

If you are more interested in some new recipes for cooking with your produce, check out The Farmer’s Kitchen Handbook: More Than 200 Recipes for Making Cheese, Curing Meat, Preserving, Fermenting, and More (The Handbook Series) that helps you decide what to do with the produce based on the month the vegetables are ripe.


About the Book

Farm to table is smart and hot! Whether you cruise the farmer’s markets in the concrete jungle or milk your own cows, making farm-fresh food can seem like a daunting task. Marie Lawrence makes it easy and inexpensive with The Farmer’s Kitchen Handbook: More Than 200 Recipes for Making Cheese, Curing Meat, Preserving, Fermenting, and More (June 2014). Organized by month to coordinate with farmers’ calendars, The Farmer’s Kitchen Handbook serves up old-fashioned pot roast in January, seafood artichoke casserole in March, red, white, and blue salad in July, and crispy ginger cookies in December. Lawrence also provides instructions on making cheese, curing meats, canning, preserving, pasteurizing, and pickling.

About the Author

Marie W. Lawrence is the author of The Farmer’s Cookbook and Creative Cooking for One or Two. She has had a passion for cooking, baking, gardening, and writing for as long as she can remember. She is a third third-generation Vermonter, an elementary school teaching assistant, a mother, and a grandmother. She lives with her husband in Brattleboro, Vermont.

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I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.

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