Making Family Time Fun with Chex Mix Popped


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We are up to our ears in boxes and moving plans. That means that much of our time is spent on boring stuff this summer break. With moving day getting closer and closer, we are constantly mentioning things that are packed away and inaccessible. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun as a family. We are just having to be a little more creative in the snacks we fix and the family times we plan. Recently we decided to have a family movie night and just kick back and relax. No packing, no stress – just a bit of family fun. We pulled out the popcorn buckets, Chex Mix Popcorn and a couple family movies and we were set! Making Family Time Fun with Chex Mix Popped doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated!


Making Family Time Fun with Chex Mix Popped

Creating special time as a family is one of the most important things on our agenda but it is often hard to squeeze it in when life gets busy. That’s why it’s important to find some easy ways to make memories, create laughter and relax.

Don’t make it over-complicated

Life is complicated enough on its own. When you finish one project, take some time to enjoy the spontaneous time with the kids. Making family time fun is not always about the big trips or elaborate events. Sometimes it’s just laughing with each other when you are in the middle of life. The kids are loving the fact that the house is getting empty. Now that the closets aren’t filled with clothes and ‘stuff’, they have become great little clubhouses. This is not something I planned or organized- they just did it on their own. Kids know how to have fun; we just have to give them some room to enjoy the little things.

Don’t pack the camera

Life moves by quickly. Wherever you are in your stage of life, keep a camera handy. Capture the looks, the laughs, the special moments when they happen so you can look back at them and enjoy those memories down the road. I love the way my son photobombed this picture while I was trying to get my perfect shot. Just look at his laughing face! It tells me that even though we are working hard to get moved, my kids are still having fun!


Take shortcuts in the kitchen

Typically we teach our kids that there are no shortcuts in life. But sometimes there are shortcuts in the kitchen. True, I could make up a big batch of home made snack mix by buying all the special ingredients and doing it myself. But that takes extra time that I can save by buying a bag of Chex Mix Popped ready to eat. Don’t let yourself feel guilty if you skip the homemade option and go for the ready made bags.


Can’t choose between your favorite snacks? Now you can have both in one great tasting wholesome combo. Try Chex Mix Popped! Part Chex Mix. Part Popcorn. Totally Delicious! Available in two tasty flavors –Sweet & Salty and White Cheddar– your tastebuds will be doing a flavor tango with this unique twist on a snack the whole family loves.


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How do you make sure you create family time when life is busy and hectic? I’d love to hear your tips!

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