Learning Family History with Grandma

Today, we spent some time with my 97 year old Grandma and shared more stories! This special time with family reminded of a road trip we took last year with my Grandma, Dad and two of my Uncles going over all the stomping grounds in Boyce, Kentucky. We spent some time seeing the old home place, put flowers on the graves of all the parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents and family and ate lunch at the Boyce General Store! At the beginning of the day, I warned them all that I was going to record as much of the day as possible. It’s important to me that we spend time learning family history with the next generation above us. What better way than spending a full day retracing the steps of their life?

Learning Family History with Grandma

Our Grandma Hale is an amazing lady. At the age of 97, she has lived through many of the historical events that we only learn about in history class. I have often asked her questions, recorded video interviews and picked her brain to learn from her experiences.

Learning Family History is a priceless treasure

Every year, she takes a trip to visit each of the graves of her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles in the Bowling Green area. It has always been important to her to place a flower at the gravesite memorials and take a moment to remember the people who have gone before.

This is my second opportunity to join her on this journey. What a special day as we laughed, remembered and recorded just a few of these memories.

There are too many video clips to put them all in one movie, so I’ve broken them down into 10 minute chunks. Here is part 1. It’s unedited, raw and full of priceless treasures!

hazel and robbie
hazel boyce general store

hazel sheldon and sharon

Watch more of the videos of Grandma sharing family history!

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