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Face Masks For the Beach

We just returned from a week at the beach.  We enjoyed the crystal clear emerald coastline of Navarre Beach, Florida and discovered a whole world below the surface of the water. The kids all had their own face masks that allowed them to enjoy the ocean water above and below the surface.

Benefits of Face Masks

Protection from Saltwater
Have you been to the beach lately?  Remember how salty the water can be?  For kids who often forget to close their mouths when they’re playing in the waves, face masks are the way to go.  Not only do the masks let them see underwater, but their eyes and nose get protected from the sting of the salt.  We saw some kids using the eye goggles, but for our three, the full masks is a much better option.

Discovery of an underwater world

We live in Kentucky, so the world underneath the ocean’s surface is a new one.  My kids found fish with wings, crabs that crawl on the sandy surface, the holes the crabs burrow into, seashells of every variety, some seaweed, even a fish bone and 1 dead fish.  When they saw the schools of little fish swim by, they were fascintated.  These face masks allowed them to see something completely new.  We have now decided that as soon as the kids are all able to confidently swim on their own, we’re going to have to try snorkeling.

Comfort and Wearability

These masks all have a very soft silicon rubber seal that is easy on the face.  Some masks are made of such hard plastic that you can’t get a good seal and the edges hurt your face when you wear them very long.  These face masks are comfortable to wear and easy to put on.  I loved the fact that the band that goes around the back of the kid’s head is a double band instead of a single hard piece of plastic.

Of course, the face masks work just as well in the pool as they do in the ocean! Just ask our kids!

Thanks to Snorkel Mart for providing the kids swim masks for our Florida beach vacation.

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