My Experiment with Direct Sales

If you think of Sharon Williams, you probably don’t think direct sales consultant. I have had such strong opinions over the past 15 years, that I decided it was time to ‘put my money where my mouth is‘ and give Direct Sales a chance. I am in the middle of a 30 Day Experiment with Direct Sales. I am journaling about the process and will be sharing the whole experience – the good and the bad.

If you are already a direct sales consultant or have been interested in how it all works, stay tuned. I made the decision to do this experiment on one condition. When I signed up, I disclosed to my upline sponsor that I would share everything with you.

My Experiment with Direct Sales

When I get to the end of this experiment, I may decide that this is an amazing journey that I want to continue; but I also warned her that I may well come to the conclusion that my preconceived ideas had validity and I would no longer continue with the company.


The Big Kickoff

Most direct sales use in-home house parties as the foundation. I attended one house party 15 years ago. I decided that I would never attend another party because there is often such pressure to buy products and spend money. So instead of trying the in-home house party, I am going to offer an opportunity for you to buy the products online or through a catalog.

I signed up to sell Pink Zebra Sprinkles! Are you familiar with them? These little sprinkles come in a jar and are actually sprinkled in a warming pot. They smell amazing! And I’m not exaggerating!

You can enter to win a Simmering Pot and sample Sprinkles by clicking here.

You can also buy them online by clicking here.

sprinkles recipes

Get a Private Chance to Test the Smells

If you are a local reader and are interested in looking through a catalog or smelling these Sprinkles – just email me or tag me on Facebook. I’ll meet you at the library or in the car line and let you take a look and smell all 51 fragrances! Believe me – one smell of the Ooey Goey Caramel or Cake Batter and you will be ready to have these simmering on your counter!

How much do they cost?

You can buy the Simmering Pot for $22.00. Or if you already have a warmer in your house you may be able to use it and just buy the Sprinkles! Each jar of Sprinkles cost $8.00 and lasts forever! I’m still not done with my first jars yet!

pink zebra simmering pot

How much is Shipping?

Shipping is a little steep. It is $7.50 per order. However, if you email me your order before February 13, 2014 you can get a crazy cool deal and pay only $1.00 shipping per item! My son and I have been having a real life math lesson and he is convinced that I will still be able to make money if I offer that super cheap shipping option! I’ll actually make up the difference on the shipping and pass a savings on to you!

Hostess Wins Free Stuff

I have set up an online party for one of my friends. People who attend the inhome parties know that the hostess gets free stuff! This Kick Off Party with $1.00 shipping per item is hosted by my friend Kayelynn! So if you know her and place an order through her, you will know that you are helping her and her family enjoy some free Sprinkles and great smells!

Host Your Own Online Party

If you are interested in receiving free Sprinkles and Products, you can of course let me know and you can be a host of your own online party and win Free Pink Zebra products! I may even work out a special shipping deal for you too! Interested? Contact me at!

Interested in seeing how this could be a great opportunity for you? I’m going to address this idea too! Or email me asap and I’ll share it with you before everyone else hears the idea!

Are you in Direct Sales? What do you think? Am I going to love this experience? Got any tips for me? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I can’t wait to see how this experience turns out for you! I will be watching. I don’t do direct sales currently, but I do affiliate sales – certainly not one in the same…but close!

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