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Enjoy the Leaves! Relax! Mom’s Got a Eureka!

Kids love to play in leaves! Take a minute and think about the last time you walked through the leaves. Can you remember the sound of the leaves crunching under your feet? Remember how much fun it was to rake up a huge pile of leaves and jump in! There’s just nothing quite like the sound of Fall! But then think about all those leaves and how big the mess is when the whole family comes traipsing in after playing in the leaves. And who has to clean up this mess? Mom, of course! Relax! Enjoy the leaves! Don’t worry about the Epic Mess! This Mom has a Eureka!

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Enjoy the Leaves! Relax! Mom’s Got a Eureka!

A few months ago, we moved into a new house with 3 acres, a creek and trees! Did I mention that we have lots of trees? Almost every single one of these trees has about a million leaves for the kids to play in. We’ve raked up leaf piles for the kids to play in and spent every possible hour before dark out working in our yard. And that of course means that we are regularly tracking in huge messes of leaves, dirt and grass.

luke in leaves

Kids love leaves! Here are some fun pictures that show you just how much fun it can be to rake a pile of leaves and spend time jumping in the leaves!

Ready for some fall fun? Kids track in messes but mom has the new Eureka!

I love the time spent outside, and I don’t want to worry about what the family is tracking in. That’s why I was excited to try out the new Eureka Suction Seal 2.0 vacuum cleaner with advanced technology. This vacuum does a great job of cleaning up the epic mess that we are creating on a daily basis.


One of the problems with some vacuum cleaners when I have used them on laminate and vinyl floors is that the debris just gets scattered and blown all over the place. This Eureka vacuum has special suction seal plates that raise and lower against the surface maintaining suction and seal without scattering debris.


The other thing that I really like about this vacuum cleaner is the retractable plug. No more having to roll up the long cord and loop it over the handle.


How do you clean up the messes in your house? Do you need a new vacuum cleaner?

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