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Eureka Vacuum for My Life

Last week I went to WalMart to purchase a Eureka Airspeed One Turbo vacuum cleaner. We have just replaced the carpet in our home and I want to keep it looking fresh and clean for a long time. We are a family of 5, which means we track stuff around the house on a daily basis. I needed a lightweight vacuum that didn’t cost a fortune because it’s going to be up to the whole family to keep our carpet looking great.

Eureka Vacuum for My Life

Have you looked at vacuum cleaners in the store recently? There are so many options. I wanted to find one way under $100 that would live up to the job of keeping our carpets clean.

vacuums in walmart

I know that I don’t want to spend alot of money on a vacuum cleaner. When kids are learning to help, they sometimes make mistakes and break things. I don’t want to spend big money on something that they are going to be using on a regular basis. The Eureka AirSpeedOne Turbo only cost $59.99 which means that if it breaks, I can afford to replace it! This makes it a great choice for families.

Affordable Price
Affordable Price

Assembly of the Eureka AirSpeedOne Turbo

I opened the box and looked at the instructions to see what tools I would need for assembly. I was pleasantly surprised to see that no tools were needed. Everything was just pop and click.

Eureka AirSpeedOne Turbo

The hose was a little tight to attach but once I lined up the notches, it went together nicely.

Eureka Vacuum for the Family

One of the privileges of living in a family is the shared responsibility of keeping the home looking fresh and staying clean. That means that my kids are already good at running the vacuum cleaner and are learning how to clean the bathrooms and make their beds. Having a vacuum cleaner that works easily and runs smoothly is a definite bonus with the kids.

My 6 year old loved running the lightweight vacuum cleaner. He found it easy to maneuver around the furniture.

eureka vacuum for my life



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  1. The price of vacuums are so expensive now a days! I am surprised you found one that was affordable and effective.

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