Enjoy Each Moment. Treasure Every Smile!

Today is Christmas Eve and families all around the world are in high gear getting ready for the big day. The presents are under the tree. Cookies are baked and decorated. Christmas Cards are displayed and hung so that everyone can enjoy them. The family has gathered for the pre celebration and everything is perfectly festive. Or is everything really that perfect for most people?

Enjoy Each Moment; Treasure Every Smile

This week I have a very dear friend who is facing a very hard time with an ill parent. Another friend is grieving the loss of her mother a few months ago. Still others are missing adult children who are unable to share in the festivities because of bad choices. There are Moms I know who are struggling with a recent divorce or facing serious financial problems. So how do you deal with Christmas when it’s not exactly perfect?

I found this article that addresses the issue of how to find JOY when Christmas is not going according to plan! I read it last night and want to share it with you today.

But What if your life is Good?

Sometimes your life is really going great. You almost feel guilty about the fun times. But should you quit posting the pictures or sharing the fun you’re having? How do you share the joy with others when you know they are dealing with troubled times? It’s sometimes hard to publish the pictures of the smiling grandparents, the beautiful tree or the piles of wrapping paper after the fun of Christmas morning. But, here’s my thought for the day!

enjoy every moment

We need to share the JOY. Spread the good times! Be thankful to the One who gives life and peace. Let others enjoy our holiday spirit. Yes, we need to be sensitive and pray for those we know are hurting but we also need to continue to make memories with the ones we love. None of us know what we will deal with tomorrow or next year, but we do have today. Take a minute today and find a way to share joy with someone who needs it.

Celebrate with cookies! Wrap the Last Gift! Drink some Egg Nog! Sing a Carol around the tree! Follow Santa’s journey around the world tonight! Feed the reindeer! Enjoy the moments! (And remember to have a tissue handy for the ones we love who are hurting!)

Today I am planning to enjoy each moment and treasure every smile! Merry Christmas family, friends, and readers! You are what makes it so much fun to blog at Hobbies on a Budget!

How do you share the joy when life is not what you planned? I’d love to hear from you!

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