Common Sense Emergency Preparedness

There are so many weather events that occur each year. Whether you live in the direct path of hurricanes and floods or not, there are some definite common sense emergency preparedness tips that we should all be doing now – before there is a situation like a hurricane, flood or weather emergency.

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Common Sense Emergency Preparedness

The word I choose for my life is “Possibilities”. I love waking up each day with the opportunity to see what the day holds. What are the possibilities for new connections, friendships, and opportunities to make new memories with the family?

But with all the amazing possibilities that I love to think about, there is also the unpleasant reality that some things in the future may not be changes for the goods. It does us absolutely no good to worry about the future, but we are wise to plan and prepare.

Expect the best; but plan for the worst.

I don’t fear zombie invasions or government meltdowns, but I do know that life is uncertain. If I can take a few steps today to prepare for the unforeseen and unimaginable, then I can rest easy and not spend my life in a state of worry or anxiety.

Designate a storage space:

Most of us don’t live in a house with unlimited storage. Think about your housing arrangements. Do you have a closet that stays dry and is not subject to climate fluctuations? You want to find a spot where you can store a tote or container that will not overheat, flood or be in your way.

Make a checklist:

What are the things you would need if the weather shut you away from groceries, the pharmacy or the local supermarket? Do you have the things you need to be self-sufficient for 24 hours? A week? A month? Consider your family situation.

  • Do you have young children that regularly need fever reducers or might have teething pain?
  • Are there females in the household that would need a supply of pads or tampons?
  • Is there someone in the house that requires daily medication?
  • Do you have an adequate supply of Toilet paper for your family size?
  • How would you stay warm? Do you have a fireplace? Matches stored in a dry location?
  • Do you have water on hand to care for your needs?
  • Do you have batteries for flashlights?

Have a light source:

One thing that you want to think about before an emergency is a dependable, safe light source. We recently received the Luminiser which is the World’s first LED oil-Lantern. The Luminiser powers its internal LED lights by collecting thermal energy from a small oil lamp. The lantern has three settings which allow you to switch between a powerful flashlight, a comfortable reading light, or just the light from the flame.

Portable or desktop – use the folding legs for a larger light area. The Luminiser is lightweight, durable and perfect for camping, emergencies and power outages.  A life-threatening crisis can take place any minute, depriving you of electricity. Batteries aren’t a reliable long-term source of energy and can lead to defective devices. With the Luminiser Lantern, you can be sure to have a reliable light source when you need it the most.

The Luminser

Think about Food:

Some families think that it is unnecessary to stock up on food and water. But if an emergency scenario occurs, I would much rather be on the side of being prepared for my family’s needs than be one of the people who are dependant on outside help.

There are bulk food storage options you can purchase that will provide food rations for your family. You can purchase these at places like EarthEasy, Amazon or even Sams Club. But you can also do your own research and make your own food prep options. You can also buy food safe bricks to store your food and supplies.

If you decide to store your own dry goods like rice, oatmeal and flour, make sure you do some research so you will be able to keep them safe and out of reach of mice or bugs.

Don’t forget to stock up and store some comfort items too. I am no expert on chocolate storage, but you better believe I keep a supply of cocoa powder and oats so I can make no bake cookies duing a winter storm!

Once you start thinking about being prepared, it kind of gets a little fun to think outside the box. There are many items available that aren’t really crucial to being prepared for an overnight weather emergency but really help you feel ready for the unexpected emergencies that may never even occur.

  • Solar Powered Charger: This is a great way to stay connected even if the electricity in our house goes out during an ice storm.
  • Heirloom Seeds: You can buy a sealed can of heirloom seeds that would provide you with a food source if you ever needed to start from scratch.
  • Lifestraw: These simple Lifestraw products will clear water of bacteria and give you a clean water source in an emergency.

Do you think it is important to be prepared? I’d love to hear what you are doing to be ready for emergencies.

Want to take your common sense prep to the next level? Here’s some tips to help you create a family go bag for emergencies.

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  1. I buy an extra case of can goods from our local Save A lot at a time. This way the come in a box and are easily stack able. I also make sure to purchase can meat such as tuna, or chicken, veggies and fruit. This way if we have to eat from our storage food for more than a few days we can make complete meals out of what we have. We also buy a lot of canned soups that don’t require adding water. That way we can conserve our water supply better.

  2. We keep a rotating supply of healthy snacks on hand for emergencies. For some reason, I always get hungrier during an emergency.

  3. I usually keep a ton of toilet paper and canned food and drinks in the basement. We also have about 20 gallons of water ready for a power outage.

  4. Having an evacuation from your home plan is always good and have your children and yourself practice these scenarios just like in school.

  5. I thought I was pretty sharp with ideas on this subject, but I am not! Great suggestions. I think an ongoing checklist is what I need to be working on.

  6. Making a check list would be very important since I tend to be a little forgetful, this would help me keep on track so that we are fully prepared

  7. I use my coupons to create a stockpile so I never have to run to the store. So bad weather Nevers scares me. I also make sure I have plenty of pet food cat litter etc on hand as well. And when my kiddos were small I considered it a sin to have to make a trip for wipes or diapers.

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