Easy Ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage

Like many of you, I am always trying to maximize my storage space and minimize my waste. I want to have an organized pantry but often lose track of what I have in my cabinets. Here are a few tips and easy reminders to help us maximize our kitchen storage space.

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Easy Ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage

Ditch the Box

Some things come in packages that just take too much space in the cabinets. Things like koolaid packets or hot cocoa mix can be taken out of the box and stored in a mason jar or plastic storage container.

Look for containers that are stackable and air tight so you can keep them fresh longer. Items like popcorn, sugar, brown sugar, flour, are better stored in stackable plastic containers.

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Lasting Freshness

Label Everything

If you have a Cricut, then print vinyl labels and label each container so you can easily see what you have in your panty. If you don’t have a Cricut, then use a label maker or masking tape. Whatever method you choose, just make sure each container is clearly labeled.

Use the FREE Cricut SVG file here.

Use an Inventory App

Last year I purchased the Pantry Check app. I used the free version and then upgraded for the year so I can scan up to 2,000 items. Anytime I go to the grocery, I scan in the food items and then assign them a location so I can easily find what I need. No more lost food items or missing ingredients.

When I use an ingredient from the cabinet I immediately scan it and remove it from my inventory. If it’s something I want to purchase again, I add it to the grocery list with one click of the button.

Keep Things Grouped by Type

In my cabinet, I try to keep ‘like’ things together. All canned food goes in the same cabinet because they are the same size and can stack together. Boxes of pasta get stored with spaghetti or alfred sauce. All dessert ingredients are in the same area. By keeping ‘like’ things together I am more likely to be able to easily find what I need.

How do you maximize your kitchen storage? Got any tips to help us stay organized in this busy room? I’d love to hear!

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