Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is a great time to do something special for your yard and neighborhood. You can plant a tree, make a new effort to recycle your trash or find creative ways to reuse something in your garage. Here are some easy ways to celebrate Earth Day.

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Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Start a new garden.

This is a great time to split many flowers. Lilies, irises, bee balm, ivys, hostas and decorative grasses are at a perfect size to transplant. If you have flower beds that are getting too full, just dig up some starts and make a new garden. If you don’t want to start a new one in your own yard, then check with a neighbor or friend. Maybe they need some new plants for their yard.

This is also a great way to get started flower gardening. If you are the one who needs the plants, then check with a neighbor or friend who loves their yard. Chances are they would love to share some of their established plants with you.

Plant a tree in a bucket to keep it alive.
Plant a tree in a bucket to keep it alive.

Add some potting soil.

When you plant a new bed, you have options. We often just use the dirt that is already in the yard but if your budget allows, it’s a great boost to add some potting soil around each of the new transplanted flowers. This helps give them some extra nutrition and gets them a better start.

Decorate your Yard.

Stacked Pots are a very popular Pinterest trend right now. If you do a pinterest search for stacked flower pots, you will find hundreds of images where people have taken flower pots and created a garden accent piece. All you do is take a rod and insert it into the bottom pot. Fill part way with dirt and then add your 2nd pot. You can choose to keep them level or make them topsy turvy. You just keep stacking till you have the look you want. This is a great way to reuse old flower pots that have been stored in your garage.

Some people like to use old boots or containers as planters. These give a touch of whimsy and let you reuse items that would typically be thrown in the trash. This is a great way to use pots that have too many holes. You can half bury them in the garden bed and plant the flowers around and inside the old pot.


In our neighborhood, we have geodes. These are round rocks that make great edging for the flower beds. If you live near a creek bed or have rocks on your property, you could use those to line your gardens. This is a cheap way to give your yard a unique look.

Kill the weeds.

There is special material that you can lay out on top of the dirt before you plant your garden that will help kill the weeds. But if your budget is tight, just use stacks of newspaper and then cover with a layer of mulch or dirt. The newspaper will help keep the weeds from coming through and choking out your new flowers.

Plant some Wildflowers.

There’s nothing quite as pretty as a whole bed with zinnias, asters, cosmos or marigolds. The seeds are super cheap and the colors are gorgeous. You can pick up a pack of wildflower seeds for around $1.00. Then when the growing season is over, you can save the dried seeds and start a new wildflower bed next year.

Free Stuff on Earth Day:

Typically, many stores offer free reusable bags or a free item to the first customers that visit their store on Earth Day. Target, Disney Store, Starbucks and even Lowes have been known to celebrate Earth Day. Call the local store or do a Google search to check which stores are offering something free!

How do you plan to celebrate Earth Day? I’d love to hear!

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