Easy Tips for Garden Success

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to spend time out in the garden. There’s just something so rewarding about getting my hands in the dirt, planting something new, and getting some weeds under control and this weekend was the perfect combination of temperature, sunshine, and time. I don’t have the perfect gardens but I do enjoy working toward a successful growing season. Here are some easy tips to help set us all up for garden success!

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Easy Tips for Garden Success

Never Quit Planting

Typically we plant our first rows of onions, radishes, tomatoes, and beans in the ground and some of them are starting to look good! But there’s something else growing in our garden – hundreds of weeds. So we got out the tiller and the hoe and tackled the garden first thing this morning.

Since some of the seeds had not germinated yet, I just planted a few more seeds in the spaces to keep the rhythm of growth happening.

Keep Tools Handy

When tools are handy and easy to access, it is always easier to get the job done. I have a small wooden box where I keep tools and supplies right beside my container garden. I also keep hand tools in my greenhouse and on my potting bench. If you have easy access to your tools, you will be more apt to pull a few weeds or take care of a garden task.

Keep on Learning

I love learning about gardening techniques and ways to improve my odds of success. Next up on the ‘to-be-read’ (TBR) list is Weed Free Gardening.

– Let’s face it: weeding is far from a homeowner’s favorite chore. But not everyone can afford to hire a landscape crew to keep the weeds at bay, and spraying chemical herbicides isn’t a smart solution for eco-conscious homeowners or pet parents. If that’s the case for you, the weed control prevention and control strategies outlined here by author Tasha Greer will have you growing flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees with little to no weed competition. Tasha’s organic approach hands you methods for both preventing weeds early in the growing season and managing weedy intruders year-round.

Weed Free Gardening

Do you enjoy spending time out in your gardens? What is your favorite tip for garden success? I’d love to hear!

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