Easy Teacher Gift Ideas & Tips

Have you already thought about what you are going to give to your child’s teachers this year? We appreciate the work our teachers do for our students all year round and we want to give them something special, but in all honesty, most of us don’t want to spend a fortune saying thanks. So what can you gift to the teachers that won’t cost too much money or require spending all your nights being crafty? Here are some teacher gift ideas that are easy on the budget and don’t take much time.

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Easy Teacher Gift Ideas & Tips

Consider Christmas Ornaments

This year we are giving each of the teachers in my kids lives a simple glass ornament that can be enjoyed on their Christmas tree every year.


We ordered the ornaments and gift boxes from Oriental Trading. Oriental Trading is a great place to pick up the boxes and ornaments for a great price!


If you think they would prefer something more fun and whimsical, maybe these little ceramic Santa, Snowmen and Penguins would be a better fit. Decide if you want to go with the fun light hearted side of the holidays or stick to something like the glass trees.


Last year the kids and I made these pinecone ornaments for each of the teachers. We had picked up the pinecones while on summer vacation and knew they would be a beautiful thoughtful gift.


Think small

Teachers have limited space in their life for ‘stuff’ that takes up lots of storage space. When I was a piano teacher, I received this amazing candle stand shaped like a treble clef. It was beautiful but it’s huge. In fact, it’s about 3 feet tall. I’ve carted it around for years because it is cool, but it really requires a specific space that I don’t really have. So think small. Unless you know them well and know they really want a huge cookie jar or yard decoration, go for a small gift.

Think Consumables

I always love it when I can give a gift that can be enjoyed for a time and then doesn’t require storage space. A box of cookies, a candle that burns out or a bottle of lotion. Sure these gifts are frequently given, but they can easily be shared with the teachers family and friends and used up.

Tip: Skip the teacher specific gifts. In other words, do you think they really want another apple ornament or pencil cup? Maybe. But maybe not. Go with something that can fit in their life and be enjoyed for a season.

What are you planning to do for teacher gifts this year? Got something fun planned? I’d love to hear!

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