Easy Rocketship PiggyBank Craft

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My son has a 4H project due this next week so it was time to get a few craft supplies out and let his imagination go to work. His assignment was to create a coin bank and he knew exactly what he wanted. His piggy bank was going to be a rocketship using a plastic cannister we had in the closet and some K-cup coffe pods.

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Easy Rocketship PiggyBank Craft

This is one of those crafts that is easy enough for the kids to actually do almost the whole project by themselves. Is it perfect? Of course not. But it is his and my son can have the satisfaction of knowing that he had an idea and was able to make it happen the way he wanted with just a bit of help from us.

rocketship piggybank

Materials Needed

  • Plastic Cannister
  • Coffee pods
  • Foam paper
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Craft Knife


  • Drink 4 cups of coffee and clean out the coffee pods!
  • Cut the wings out of foam paper
  • Cut a cone to fit the top of the cannister; Glue to the lid.
  • Cut a hole for the money in the back of the cannister.
  • Glue the coffee pods on the bottom of the cannister
  • Decorate the cannister as desired

How do you think a rocketship piggybank should look? Got any ideas? I’d love to hear how you help your kids save money!


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