Easy No Sew Outdoor Furniture Cushions

We have an outdoor swing that we inherited a few years ago from my Grandma. It is a super comfortable swing but it needs new cushions and a little clean up to get it ready for a new summer season. Recently I ordered some waterproof outdoor canvas fabric so I can make some easy no-sew outdoor furniture cushions. If you are ready to update your entertaining spaces and don’t want to use the sewing machine, here is a quick weekend project.

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Easy No Sew Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Materials Needed

I ordered outdoor waterproof canvas from Fabric Wholesale Direct for this project. Available in a variety of colors, these waterproof canvas fabrics are crafted with 100% polyester fabric and measure 61/62″ in width. These Ottertex®️ Canvas Waterproof fabrics feature a 0.55mm thickness with PVC backing and a calculated 600 x 600 denier; in other words, they are strong enough for military or camping applications and certainly will handle what my outdoor picnic area can throw at it!

I made these several weeks ago and have enjoyed having the cushions ready for all of our fireside, creekside family time adventures!


  • Measure your swing or outdoor chair
  • Cut the foam cushion to fit the swing
  • Measure the fabric as if you are planning to wrap a present
  • Glue one side of your fabric to the backside and move forward wrapping the cushion
  • Tuck the sides of the fabric under on each end securing all loose ends with fabric glue

Use extra waterproof fabric to create coordinating throw pillows or additional cushions.

Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are the same concept as the long seat cushion. Cut the foam in smaller size squares and wrap them like you are wrapping smaller packages.

Since I am using the solid fabric for the accent pillows, I decided to use my Cricut machine and some heat transfer vinyl to add my phrase for the year – Choose Joy. I printed the phrase, used my Easy Press iron and had the pillow ready to add to my swing in just a few minutes.

Sure, I could sew covers or buy new cushions for the swing but if you’re like me, you enjoy doing it yourself and saving some money at the same time! Win-Win!

Have you ever made outdoor cushions? Did you sew them or have you ever thought about using a hot glue gun? I’d love to see what you have created!

Looking for another easy project to decorate your outdoor spaces? I love this simple vinyl phrase that I added to an old reclaimed wooden planter.

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