Easy Kitchen Hacks for Busy School Days

Are you looking for some practical ways to spend less time in the kitchen? With school back in swing and the alarm going off way too early, I need easy when it comes to cooking, kitchen, and food prep! Here are some of my favorite kitchen hacks, products, and tips for busy school days!

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Easy Kitchen Hacks for Busy School Days

Freeze Muffins for Breakfast

Got bananas that are past their prime? Turn them into banana nut bread muffins and freeze them for busy mornings. Simply bake, cool, and wrap. When you are ready to enjoy ‘fresh’ banana nut bread muffins, pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy a hot muffin as you head out the door!

Cook from Frozen

A few months ago, my husband bought me an Instant Pot. I have put this kitchen gadget to the test with some pretty tough challenges. I often forget to thaw meat for supper and end up with a frozen block of chicken or pork and a hungry family on their way home from school.

With the Instant Pot, I can drop in a frozen chicken or pork roast and have supper ready to go in just an hour. I’ve easily made BBQ, rotisserie chicken, and even beef stroganoff with great success.

One of the keys to cooking in the Instant Pot is having all the ingredients on hand. I keep the spice cabinet stocked with all the basics and make sure I have ingredients like soy sauce, teriyaki and olive oil ready to go. Recently, I received some olive oil from Tre Olive that gives you a fun option for a holiday gift. You can actually adopt an olive tree for one year and receive shipments all year long.

From a family olive grove in Southern Italy comes original gift ideas to delight family and friends this holiday season. TRE OLIVE is a foodie or olive oil connoisseurs’ dream come true. Adopt an olive tree from the TRE OLIVE grove for one year and receive some of the purest, most delicious olive oil produced in Italy. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Master craftsmanship helps to cultivate the olive trees year-round with traditions passed down from generations. The Calabrian grove has produced olive oil since 1934.


Store Food the Smart Way

We often have leftovers that need to be stored away but I don’t like to continually use traditional plastic bags. Recently I received several Food Hugger Bags that are reusable and created to make food storage easy and better for the environment. They stand on their own so you can fill them up with baking chips, nuts, chips, fruit, or whatever else you need to store or toss in the kid’s backpack.

These Food Hugger Bags come in multiple sizes and can replace the plastic bags that we typically use for food transport and storage. Bonus: they save you money since you don’t throw them away after each use.

How do you prep for busy school days? Do you have any tips that can shave time and save your sanity? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I make banana chip muffins and freeze. You are right—they tasted fresh! As a side note, my great grandfather used to have an olive ranch in Reggio Calabria!

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