Easy Fall Decorations & Tips

Do you love decorating for each season? I love bringing in the colors of the seasons but I am not an elaborate decorator. Each year I bring out some of our favorite pieces and try to add in a small handful of new pieces that will become new classic favorites. Here are some of my favorite fall decorations and a few tips on how to manage your stash of fall decorations.

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Easy Fall Decorations & Tips

Keep What You Love

Do you have special fall decorations that have memories attached? Then you should definitely keep those pieces. I love my crocheted pumpkins and yarn-wrapped pumpkins. I made them several years ago and look forward each year to bringing them out and finding a new way to display them. Some go in a basket on the counter, some help decorate a wreath on the front porch and some get added to a decorative tray on the kitchen table. I’ve made several to share with friends and family too. These are probably my favorite fall decoration items.

Share the Things You No Longer Use

Do you have extra plastic pumpkins, scarecrows or fall leaves that you no longer use? Don’t throw them in the trash. Donate them to someone who is just starting out in their home decorating journey. Make up a fall-themed basket and add a few cans of soup to take to a sick family member. Don’t keep something that is just taking up space. Find a way to share it with someone else.

Add New Pieces

Don’t get stuck in a rut with your fall decorations. Order a Decocrated Fall-themed box for yourself or send to a college student or family member living on their own for the first time. Each seasonal Decocrated box comes with enough pieces to mix and match with up to 8 curated pieces + styling guide and pro tips.

Mix and match with pieces from other Decocrated boxes and add in some of your own decor pieces to create your personal style for your home.

How do you decorate for Fall? Are you all in or do you have a few favorites that you put out each season? I’d love to see your favorite fall decor pieces!

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