Easy Dog Bed (from t-shirt scraps)

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We love our little Yorkie! And I’d say we’ve pretty much spoiled this little pooch. We have comfy dog beds that we purchased over the years. He has his own bed under our bed because he loves to sleep in the dark, secluded spots. He even has a comfy basket with a quilt that he claims for his own. But it’s just never quite enough for him. He seems to want a soft place to sleep in every room of our house. So instead of going out and buying him yet another bed, I decided to make an easy dog bed using t-shirt scraps for the filling. I think I can safely assume that he loves his new bed!

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Easy Dog Bed (from t-shirt scraps)

Several years ago I had some really soft flannel material that I used to create a rag quilt. I ended up with some extra squares that I sewed together, but they weren’t large enough for anything official so I just put the piece in my sewing box. I figured it would come in handy one day. When I started thinking about making Henry a new pillow, I decided it would be perfect.

I am also in the beginning stages of planning a t-shirt quilt for my kids when they graduate from high school. I cut out the front of all their tshirts as they outgrow them and then store them back for that ‘someday’ time when I will be ready to make the memory quilt. But what do I do with the scraps from the tshirts? I decided to use them to stuff Henry’s new pillow.

dog bed scraps

Materials Needed

  • Fabric Scraps
  • Unused pillow or piece of fabric to sew into a rectangle


I simply sewed my fabric into a pocket by sewing three sides (leaving the 4th side open).

Tip: Sew the pocket inside out so your finished seam will be clean and neat when you turn it right side out.

Stuff your fabric scraps into the pocket.

dog bed 2

Tuck your unfinished side in on itself so you have a clean seam and sew it with your machine.
Of course you could hand hem this and hide your seam, but who has time for that?

dog bed 3

I had the dog bed sewed, stuff and completed in less than 20 minutes. This was a perfect lunch break project! I think we can definitely say that Henry is happy with his new bed!

What do you think? Ready to resuse some of your old tshirts and create a new dog bed? I’d love to hear and see what you create next!

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