Easy DIY Yarn Pumpkins

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It’s hard to believe but Fall is here. I love simple decorations that give my home a hint of the season but don’t require extra expense or lots of time. Recently, one of my work colleagues showed me some yarn pumpkins she was using to decorate her house and I knew I had to make some for myself. I made a few easy tweaks to the instructions and came up with a simple DIY No Glue, No Sew Yarn Pumpkin that you can start working on today with absolutely no extra supplies or expense!

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Easy DIY Yarn Pumpkins

Many people use hot glue on foam pumpkins or yarn wrapped around a balloon to create yarn pumpkins but I wanted something easier than that. I was looking for an idea where that I could simply wrap the yarn and make it in less than 30 minutes with no fuss! But I still wanted them to look like pumpkins and not just yarn balls.

The original directions that my colleage showed me used foam balls where she drilled holes and made the shape of a pumpkin. (Click here to read this great tutorial for making Yarn Pumpkins with styrofoam balls). This is a great idea but I didn’t have any foam balls and I didn’t want to go all the way to a craft store or wait for Amazon to deliver. So I started looking around my house to find something else that would work.

That’s when I saw my huge pile of bubble wrap in the garage and inspiration struck!

Materials Needed


  • Cut a strip of bubble wrap approximately 4 inches wide by 8 feet long.
  • Wrap around a pencil and then tape to hold in place. Make sure you wrap fairly tight so the bubble wrap has a stiff shape.
  • Tape a yarn needle onto the end of a pencil
  • Cut your first length of yarn about 8 feet long
  • Thread your needle and pull the yarn through double thickness
  • Start covering the bubble wrap with the yarn by going through the midle of the hole with your pencil/needle. Just pull through the entire length of yarn and keep wrapping. I used a small piece of tape to secure the tale of the yarn on the first time through so it would not come loose.
  • Continue all around until your bubble wrap is completely covered and you have a solid yarn covered pumpkin.
  • Cut a twig about 3 inches long from your backyard
  • Push it in the center of the new pumpkin
  • Decorate with multiple pumpkins in a basket or bowl
  • Enjoy for years to come (though you may need to replace the twig periodically)

The only thing better than fall decorations that look beautiful and homey is new decor ideas that make the house smell warm and cozy! I love this new candle company that hand pours each of their soy candles in Phoenix, Arizona! The candle comes in this reusable copper cup so I can enjoy it while it’s burning and then reuse it for other decor or organization ideas.

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Holly Berry & Fir Vim & Vigor Candle

I love finding simple ideas I can create for the new fall season that don’t cost me extra money. Are you going to make any of these yarn pumpkins? I’d love to see what colors you use and how you use them to decorate your home!

Looking for other easy no cost decorations? How about turning some old bricks into books for your garden or porch decor?

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