Easy Crochet Washcloths Gift Ideas

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Over the past few years, I’ve created quite a few yarn projects using crochet hooks. I’ve made several afghans, hats, and scarves but one of my favorite things to make is washcloths. The great thing about washcloths is how quickly they work up with less than a skein of yarn. Pair these homemade washcloths with a bar of soap and you have a perfect gift.

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Easy Crochet Washcloths Gift Ideas

Which yarn works best for washcloths?

I typically use cotton yarn to make my washcloths because of how absorbant the fibers are But the thing I love about crochet is that there are no official rules. Try different yarns and see what you like best.

Which stitch is best?

Washcloths typically need a tight stitch since the water will make the washcloth expand and stretch. The simple single crochet is often used for crocheted washcloths because it makes such a tight weave. However, I experimented with the double crochet basketweave stitch and love the way it turned out!

The only problem with the basketweave is that when it gets wet the weave really stretches out. So although it is beautiful, it may not be the most practical washcloth. Once you wash and dry the cloth, the fibers expand again and look fine.

For most of my washcloths, I use the half double crochet. This stitch is tighter and helps the washcloth hold together better when it is used.

How large should they be?

Washcloths are typically 7 or 9 inch squares, though you can make them larger if you want to.

Washcloth Gift Ideas

Pair your handmade washcloth with a bar of soap and wrap it with a simple piece of jute twine.

Add a tube of body lotion, some lip balm and add them to a small jute basket.

Make multiple washcloths, roll them together and gift them in a small jute basket.

Have you ever crocheted washcloths? Do you have any favorite yarn or pattern that you use for your crafty creations? I’d love to hear!

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