Easy Compost Ideas on a Shoestring Budget

The idea of composting by saving food scraps is not new or original. Our grandparents have always found ways to improve their garden soil by letting the food scraps feed the dirt. But since many of us live in neighborhoods or have small backyard spaces, it is a little more challenging to find ways to compost our food scraps without attracting gnats or unwanted critters. Here are some practical ways to turn your food scraps into compost and feed your vegetables and flowers without having to spend extra money.

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Easy Compost Ideas on a Shoestring Budget

What is Composting?

At its very basic, composting is simply saving and mixing your food scraps with paper, grass clippings, and yard waste. There are some composting plans that require precise measurements of green and brown waste but to be honest, I’ve never wanted to spend the time being exact when it comes to creating compost. Instead, I take a more basic approach.

My Composting Plan

I have a piece of plastic lattice that I zip-tied together to make an enclosed container. The lattice has open spaces which allow water and air to circulate through the compost pile. I simply dump in eggshells, banana peelings, coffee grounds, and other food scraps whenever I have them. Then when we do yard work, I toss in handfuls of grass clippings, fallen leaves, or bits of straw from the barn. As the food waste and yard scraps decompose, the most beautiful compost is being created and prepared for next season.

Small Space Recycling Ideas

If you don’t have space to build an outdoor compost pile, you can buy a kitchen countertop compost container. Each of these has filters that reduce flies, gnats, and odors.

Take the time to learn more about no-waste composting in small spaces with this book by Michelle Balz.

In No-Waste Composting: Small Space Recycling Indoors and Out, you’ll discover the hows and whys of composting and find over a dozen practical step-by-step plans for building both indoor and outdoor composting systems that require a minimal amount of space. Info and projects will enable anyone to start composting effectively. Whether you’re just starting your no-waste journey or you’re a seasoned recycling and repurposing pro, No-Waste Composting will be an invaluable tool.

Do you save your scraps and build a compost pile? What is your best tip for turning food waste into beautiful compost for your gardens? I’d love to hear!

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