Easy Christmas Cards with Cricut Joy


Do you have a Cricut Joy but you’re not quite sure how to get started making custom Christmas cards? Maybe you don’t even have a Cricut Access membership and think you can’t make something super special. Last night I finished up my cards for the season and learned a few things that you may find helpful. They may look complex, but making these holiday cards is super simple. It’s a simple matter of click, print, and cut!

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Easy Christmas Cards with Cricut Joy

Materials Needed


One of the great things about the Cricut Joy is its portability and ease of use. I can pull it out and place the Joy on the table while I’m working in the kitchen on supper. I decided on a basic card design, loaded the cards on the mat, and ran them through the Joy.

**If you have Cricut Access then you have tons of premade card designs for the holiday season. But if you don’t, that’s fine too. Just open the app on your phone and use the new custom card feature. You can then insert simple holiday shapes like an ornament, tree, or bell and add that to the card. There is a slider filter feature so you can select only free items.

Once the cards are finished cutting, then simply remove them from the card mat and insert the contrasting paper.

What if I run out of precut inserts?

When you purchase the Cricut Joy card packs, they come with contrasting insert papers. But I love using festive Christmas paper instead. The cards I used were 4.25 x 5.5 so I simply cut paper scraps into shapes that are 4″ x 5.25″. This allowed me to use regular cards and envelopes with the fun designs in Cricut Design Space.

How long do these take to make?

The printing process for each card is about a minute on average.

Do I also need a full Cricut machine or computer?

No, the Cricut Joy stands on its own and is easy to control with just your phone app. You simply download the Cricut app and let it connect via Bluetooth to the Joy. There are no wires to attach.

Is the Circut Joy complicated?

Not at all! There are no buttons on the Cricut Joy. Just plug it in and let it read your phone app. You simply click the buttons on your phone to control the print.

Have you ever made Christmas cards with the Cricut Joy? I’d love to see what you are creating!

While you are in the card-making/sending mindset for the holiday season, you may want to take up your inside signature a notch. If you are a person who loves fountain pens and specialty ink sets, then you might want to pick up a Diamine Ink Bottle Set and a new fountain pen.

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Pen Heaven

If you don’t have time to make custom cards, then you might want to pick up some custom stationary cards by IdeaChic. These individual letterpress cards are printed by hand on a 1930’s vintage letterpress, Hazel. 

More Christmas Cards with the JOY

You can also use a Cricut marker to add other accents to your cards. Check out this post for more holiday cards using the Cricut Joy.

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