Easy Canning Jar Ring Wreath

Do you have old canning jar rings that are too rusty to use? Why not turn them into a simple wreath to hang on your barn door or backyard deck? This easy project will only take about 15 minutes from start to finish and requires no crafting skills or supplies. All you need is a rope or shoestring and about 25 used canning jar rings. I have a feeling it will get even more interesting after it’s been hanging outside in the weather for several months. What do you think?

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Easy Canning Jar Ring Wreath


  • approximately 25 used canning jar rings
  • rope about 18-24″ long


This is one of the easiest crafts you will make this season. Simply string about 25 used canning rings and tie the rope together. Adjust the rings till you get the right look.

I used a simple macrame-style knot to create the loop at the top.

They are now ready to hang outside on the side of the barn and on the deck. I think they will look better once they start to rust and weather.

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