Easy 5 Minute Dr. Seuss Book Activities

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Do you know that Dr. Seuss celebrates his birthday this week? Since we are big fans of Dr. Seuss books, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of our favorite books. Of course, you need some super easy 5 minute Dr. Seuss Book crafts and activities to share with your kids while you read these classics!

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Easy 5 Minute Dr. Seuss Book Activities

Dr. Seuss books are classic books for parents and kids because they have imaginative characters, fun words that flip off the tongue and super bright illustrations. Over the years we have enjoyed many of them together. Even though the kids are older now and not really reading these books on a regular basis, they still have a special place in our memories. Take a look at these fun favorites and make some memories with your kids today!

Dr Seuss books

My Many Colored Days

One of our absolute favorite Dr. Seuss books is My Many Colored Days. It’s a perfect book to help kids understand that there are so many colors of emotions that we go through every day. Just because you are feeling gray one day or bright red another day, in the end you are still you!

My Many Colored Days by Dr Seuss

Print this easy coloring sheet to let kids help share how they are feeling!

What Color are you today? Dr Seuss

Oh the Places You Will Go US Map

There’s nothing more inspirational than the words of Oh The Places You’ll Go

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!” “.

Since we love to travel the US, it is important for us to keep a track of how many states each of us has visited. Right now the kids are at 23 states each! Hopefully, we’ll get to cross some more states off our list this next year! Use the words of the book to help your kids see how far they have already gone in the United States.

State map coloring sheet

Fox In Socks Puppet

The classic tongue twister Fox in Socks is even more fun when you create Fox in Socks Puppets out of old socks! These sock puppets can help tell the story. Just be careful, these tongue twisters are going to be even harder when you’re laughing about your puppets!

  • 2 Socks for each child
  • Glue on googly eyes or button
  • Use a piece of yarn to create hair.
  • *Make sure everyone is wearing crazy socks while you read the book!
  • You can even put socks on the stuffed teddy bear while you read!

The Foot Book Feet Matching Game

I can’t tell you how many hundreds of times we read The Foot Book with the kids when they were young. Have each of the kids trace their feet on different colored construction paper and then play a matching game. Use colors, letters, numbers or any other concept that you are focusing on teaching your child.


Ten Apples Up on Top

This book is a classic book that helps kids learn to count. But why let the book characters have all the fun? Give each child a pile of cotton balls and set up a relay race course. Let them see how may cotton balls they can pile on a flat open hand and balance as they navigate their way through an obstacle course.

The obstacle course could involve going around and through chairs, climbing across a stack of pillows or going under a London Bridge type canopy. If you have traffic cones or hulu hoops, you could incorporate those into your course.


Big Ball of String Yarn Ball

Though not technically written by Dr. Seuss, A Big Ball of String is a classic book in the Dr. Seuss Beginner Book collection. You can’t read it without being inspired to make your own giant string ball. To do this you simply grab a big pile of mismatched yarn and start rolling. Tip: Make a knot to serve as the center or use a rubber ball to give you a nucleus to start.

A Big Ball of String Kids Activity

Green Eggs and Ham

The most famous of all Dr. Seuss books is probably Green Eggs and Ham. Tonight while you are reading this book with your kids, why not make these super easy magnets for your refrigerator. Just pull out green and yellow paper (or foam craft or felt – just use whatever you have in your craft box.)

  • Give the kids some safety scissors and cut out some eggs.
  • Add the yellow yolk and a piece of ham on the side.
  • Attach a magnet and place on the refrigerator!
  • Take it up a notch and have them set a surprise breakfast table for Dad or an older sibling to wake up to the next morning!

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book to share with your kids? I’d love to hear!

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