Dupree Nature Preserve Hiking Experience

This week we headed out to explore some new hiking trails in Central Kentucky. We spent some time at the Jim Beam Nature Preserve and then hiked the trails at the Dupree Nature Preserve. Whether you live in Central Kentucky or in Western Minnesota, getting out and enjoying nature is always a great way to spend the day with family.

The Dupree Nature Preserve has just opened to the public and we wanted to be some of the first families to check it out.

Dupree Nature Preserve Hiking Experience


The Dupree Nature Preserve is located about 20 minutes from Lexington, Kentucky just south of Nicholasville. There is no charge to park or visit the Preserve.

dupree Nature Preserve

There are portable restrooms located at the start of the trail as well as at the head of the River Trail. My kids were fascinated when they found portable restroom facilities out on the hiking trails.

restrooms on trail

Most of the trail is a gravel path. Personally, I don’t really like hiking on gravel because I find it hard on my feet and difficult to walk on. I prefer a dirt path through the woods. But the trail is very easy to follow and clearly marked. It is a beautiful hike with several different trails.

dupree nature preserve

The River Trail

We chose to take the river trail and go down near the water. It is a moderately difficult walk that goes downhill to the river and then straight back up after you enjoy the river. But being down next to the river is well worth the hike. We enjoyed a snack bar at the picnic table down by the bank.

dupree shannon and kids_tn
dupree sharon and kids_tn
Lunch on the river

Take time to enjoy the flowers

Sometimes you just get tired when you’re hiking. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I hate to admit that I’m tired. I’d much prefer for my family to think I’m never tired. So sometimes I take a few minutes to take pictures of flowers. They know I really enjoy the flowers and I get an extra few seconds to breathe and rest.

dupree flower


2991 Polly’s Bend Road
Lancaster, KY, 40444

We will definitely be going back to visit Dupree Nature Preserve. I want to try the overlook trail next time.

Have you been out hiking recently? I’d love to hear your favorite places to go hiking!

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