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Have you seen the amazing things people are creating out of duct tape? When I was growing up, I thought only my Mom and of course Macgyver could do crafts and save the day with a roll of silver duct tape, but now there are literally thousands of designs, colors and ideas for using this simple sticky roll of tape. Last week, my daughter and I got this great book called Duct Tape Mania in the mail filled with ideas for turning duct tape into crafts and projects. Of course, we had to get busy and start creating!

duct tape mania

Duct Tape Mania Crafts & Fun

Since we have really never done much crafting using duct tape, we started at the very beginning to learn the basics. This book Duct Tape Mania shows you how to create string, bands and full sheets using duct tape. Each project is labeled with a colorful smiling face to help you know the skill level needed.

We chose to make the colorful wind catcher using a plastic bottle and some fun striped duct tape we had in the craft bucket. Make sure you rinse out the bottle and let it dry before beginning this project.

Using 2 contrasting colors of duct tape, make several stripes around the middle of the plastic water bottle.

Duck Tape Bottle Craft 2

Take a craft knife and cut slits vertically through the tape stripes. (We made the strips about 3/4″ wide.)

Duck Tape Bottle Craft cutting

The fun part! Squash the bottle! Then crease the corners to create the 3D shape.

Duck Tape Bottle Craft smash

Cut a small slit in the top and insert a fishing clasp or paper clip.

Duck Tape Bottle Craft top and hook

String a line through the hook and hang in a flower garden!

About the Author

Amanda is a mother of four who has been creating crafts for kids for over 20 years. She has been published in several major magazine including Parents, Redbook, and Family Fun, and her websites including Disney’s Family.com and spoonful.com and the popular blog Crafts by Amanda.

About the Book

This book is packed with ways to create all kinds of accessories, jewelry, bags, decorations, fix-its, and more with little more than a roll of tape. Peppered through the pages are fun and interesting facts and trivia about the amazing duct tape.

Hobbies on a Budget received a copy of this book for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. I really liked the easy sock craft animals….they are so cute. I have a bag of misc socks that are just waiting to be used for something. I think my step daughter and I will make these….she would like them! So would my dogs! They would LOVE these if I add a squeaker to them! Thanks for the awesome craft idea.

  2. One thing I really want to make with duct tape…..is a purse/bag….I’ve seen several designs and thought they were cool. My step daughter made a wallet that she uses and has made several other things….

  3. I actually havent made anything yet. I did cover a notebook for my step daughter….. She on the other hand LOVES to make stuff with duct tape and would enjoy this. I actually just bought half dozen rolls of duct tape yesterday so the timing is perfect…..we already have the tape, just need the book to start creating! Thanks for the Chsnce to win. I love making stuff with my step daughter……this would be fun for us to do together.

  4. My son loves to make things out of duct tape. He made me duct tape roses and a vase for me one year for mothers day.

  5. My granddaughters all love to create with duct tape and they all do something different. I have seen that they make bracelets and decorate ring binders to name a few.

  6. My grandaughter has made a lot of things. She covers notebooks, belts and even her instrument case.

  7. I actually haven’t made any crafts with duct tape and I’m amazed by how much different crafts you can do with it.

  8. We were at my son’s soccer tournament this Summer and the had the rolling duct tape museum! There were so many awesome ideas and they had every single kind of duct tape every made. It was so cool!

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